Mariucci to Tampa...It looks like it

"We gave Steve permission to go and talk to Tampa Bay because this is an opportunity that is unique," general manager Terry Donahue said. "If it had just been for a head coaching position, my own personal belief, is that we would not have granted that position."

Last Friday the Buccaneers received permission to talk to Steve Mariucci. Mariucci is being lured with the promise of being coach and general manager.

Mariucci has two years remaining on his contract as the 49ers coach, and Tampa Bay would have to work out a trade that could involve draft choices, players, cash or a combination. The Tampa Tribune reported last Saturday that "The compensation issue has already been worked out. To get permission, the issue of compensation had to be worked out first."

Mariucci received permission to talk to the Bucs after meeting Friday with Terry Donahue and 49er owners John and Denise York. "I spoke with John again this morning and I visited with Steve at which time he expressed to me, because of the magnitude of the job, because this is an enormous opportunity to be a general manager, that he would like the opportunity to discuss it with them," Donahue said. "Steve has done an outstanding job here for us. We would like him to stay as our coach," Donahue said. "I think that Steve's success is going to cause this kind of reaction and interest from other people, both now and in the future."

Donahue said he expects Mariucci to make a decision about his future early next week.

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