2005 Two-Round Mock Draft: Volume III's final mock draft predicts what the first two rounds of today's NFL Draft will look like, with Utah quarterback Alex Smith going to the 49ers with the first overall selection.

1-49ERS: Alex Smith/Utah QB
Analysis: We're told the 49ers actually have Smith rated higher than Rodgers so they'll go with him here. Other Considerations: Braylon Edwards.

2-Miami: Aaron Rodgers/California QB
Analysis: We feel strongly that they will will trade out of this pick but if they make it, Rodgers could be the guy. Other Considerations: Alex Smith if he would drop to them. They're still looking to trade down. If they do, it's still possible that they select Ronnie Brown a little lower. Braylon Edwards would be the surprise choice here.

3-Cleveland: Braylon Edwards/Michigan WR
Analysis: They've had Edwards as the top player on their draft board all along we're told. Other Considerations: Alex Smith should he drop to them. They also could deal up to Miami to make sure they get Edwards.

4-Chicago: Ronnie Brown/Auburn RB
Analysis: Brown is the best all-around back and is a solid fit. Other Considerations: Cedric Benson or dealing down for Troy Williamson.

5-Tampa Bay: Carnell Williams/Auburn RB
Analysis: It comes down to Aaron Rogers and Williams. Williams is a perfect fit for their offense.Other Considerations: Rogers or a trade up for Alex Smith.

6-Tennessee: Antrel Rolle/Miami-Fla. CB
Analysis: Rolle gives them the size they're looking for at the position and he fills a big need. Other Considerations: Mike Williams, Adam Jones. If they move down in to the teens, they will look for Khalif Barnes.

7-Minnesota (From Oakland): Mike Williams/USC WR
Analysis: He'll help replace Randy Moss. Other Considerations: Cedric Benson should he slip to them. They also may trade up for Braylon Edwards. The surprise pick could be Troy Williamsson who they really like.

8-Arizona: Cedric Benson/Texas RB
Analysis: It comes down to who is the better value at a need position. Keep in mind that head coach Dennis Green is more of an offensive minded coach.Other Considerations: Adam Jones or Carlos Rogers. If Antrel Rolle was still there, he could give them a hard choice to make because we're told they really like him.

9-Washington: Carlos Rogers/Auburn CB
Analysis: They fill a need here. Other Considerations: Adam Jones or Troy Williamson.

10-Detroit: Shawne Merriman/Maryland DE
Analysis: Tough call here. Merriman gives them badly needed pass rush help opposite veteran DE James Hall. Other Considerations: Derrick Johnson.

11-Dallas: Marcus Spears/LSU DE
Analysis: They need a defensive end that can play in a 3-4 scheme. Other Considerations: We're told their other consideration is Shawne Merriman.

12-San Diego (From NY Giants): Troy Williamson/South Carolina WR
Analysis: Gives them a badly needed depth threat at the position. Other Considerations: Alex Barron is a consideration here and he would eventually replace veteran OT Roman Oben.

13-Houston: Derrick Johnson/Texas LB
Analysis: Johnson could play inside and would be a nice addition to their defense. Other Considerations: Jammal Brown, Demarcus Ware since they need pass rush help.

14-Carolina: Alex Barron/Florida St. OT
Analysis: Gives them help at a need position. They can keep veteran OL Mike Wahle inside with Brown in the fold. Other Considerations: Khalif Barnes and Jammal Brown. Troy Williamson because they lack depth at receiver.

15-Kansas City: Demarcus Ware/Troy St. DE/OLB
Analysis: They could use outside pass rush help and they like Ware a lot. Other Considerations: Carlos Rogers or Derrick Johnson should they drop.

16-New Orleans: Adam Jones/West Virginia CB
Analysis: They wouldn't wait long if he's there and Jones could fill a need. Other Considerations: They also like Jammal Brown to play at right tackle so they can keep Jermane Mayberry inside. Thomas Davis would also be a solid pick here.

17-Cincinnati: Thomas Davis/Georgia S
Analysis: Would team up with Madieu Williams and really help solidify their secondary. Other Considerations: Marcus Spears should he drop and David Pollack.

18-Minnesota: Justin Tuck/Notre Dame DE
Analysis: They could use another pass rusher opposite Kenechi Udeze. Other Considerations: David Pollack.

19-St. Louis: Jammal Brown/Oklahoma OT
Analysis: Fills a big need at right tackle. Other Considerations: Khalif Barnes.

20-Dallas: (From Buffalo) Mark Clayton/Oklahoma WR
Analysis: They badly need speed at that position and he'll eventually start over Keyshawn Johnson. Other Considerations: Brodney Pool. They may look for a safety in round two.

21-Jacksonville: Khalif Barnes/Washington OT
Analysis: They're looking for a tackle to replace Mike Pearson. Other Considerations: Justin Tuck should he drop since they need pass rush help.

22-Baltimore: Travis Johnson/Florida St. DT
Analysis: Remember they tried to trade for veteran DT Corey Simon. Other Considerations: Mark Clayton should he drop. Khalif Barnes since they're also looking for a right tackle.

23-Seattle: David Pollack/Georgia DE
Analysis: There aren't any solid linebackers here to they'll look for help with their pass rush which is still a need. Other Considerations: Matt Roth as they need depth at end. Darryl Blackstock as they need help at outside linebacker.

24-Green Bay: Erasmus James/Wisconsin DE
Analysis: He gives them badly needed depth pass rush help. Other Considerations: Matt Roth.

25-Washington: (From Denver) Dan Cody/Oklahoma DE
Analysis: They need pass rush help at end. Other Considerations: They may trade this pick if they don't, a receiver could also be a move.

26-Oakland (From NY Jets): Justin Miller/Clemson CB
Analysis: They need a young cornerback badly and Miller should come in and play right away. He'll also return punts. Other Considerations: Dan Cody since they need help at end.

27-Atlanta: Brodney Pool/Oklahoma S
Analysis: He'll help their average secondary. Other Considerations: Dan Cody to help the depth on their defensive line.

28-San Diego: Matt Roth/Iowa DE
Analysis: They've been looking for a defensive end for months. Other Considerations: Marlin Jackson who could play safety.

29-Indianapolis: Fabian Washington/Nebraska CB
Analysis: They need some speed and talent at cornerback. He's also a good fit for their scheme. Other Considerations: Marlin Jackson.

30-Pittsburgh: Heath Miller/Virginia TE
Analysis: They finally have a young and talented tight end after this selection. Other Considerations: Matt Jones who would give them size at wide receiver. Also Reggie Brown who would give them size at receiver.

31-Philadelphia: Shaun Cody/USC DL
Analysis: They need youth and talent on the defensive line. Other Considerations: We believe that they will wind up trading this pick to move up but if they keep it, they could go with Chris Spencer as they're looking for an upgrade at center. Luis Castillo is also a consideration. If they trade up, it will be either for Khalif Barnes or Jammal Brown.

32-New England: Marlin Jackson/Michigan CB
Analysis: They haven't spent higher than a seventh-round pick on a LB since 1999 so they'll look for a young defensive back that can play right away. Other Considerations: Darryl Blackstock since they could use depth at linebacker.

Second Round

33) 49ERS - Roddy White/WR/UAB
34) Cleveland - Luis Castillo/DT/Northwestern
35) Philadelphia (From Miami) - Matt Jones/TE-TE/Arkansas
36) Tampa Bay - David Baas/G/Michigan
37) Tennessee - Reggie Brown/WR/Georgia
38) Oakland - Kevin Burnett/OLB/Tennessee
39) Chicago - Marcus Johnson/OL/Mississippi
40) New Orleans (From Washington) - Daryll Blackstock/LB/Virginia
41) Detroit - Alex Smith/TE/Stanford
42) Dallas - Josh Bullocks/S/Nebraska
43) New York Giants - Terrence Murphy/WR/Texas A&M
44) Arizona - Jason Campbell/QB/Auburn
45) Carolina - Mike Patterson/DT/USC
46) Miami (from Kansas City) - Eric Shelton/RB/Louisville
47) New York Jets (from Houston through Oakland) - Bryant McFadden/CB/Florida St.
48) Cincinnati - Chris Spener/C/Mississippi
49) Minnesota - Evan Mathis/G/Alabama
50) St. Louis - Eric Green/CB/Virginia Tech
51) Green Bay (from New Orleans) - Channing Crowder/LB/Florida
52) Jacksonville - Courtney Roby/WR/Indiana
53) Baltimore - Craphonso Thorpe/WR/Florida St.
54) Seattle - Odell Thurman/LB/Georgia
55) Buffalo - Adam Terry/OT/Syracuse
56) Denver - Elton Brown/G/Virginia
57) New York Jets - Jonathan Babineaux/DT/Iowa
58) Green Bay - Charlie Frye/QB/Akron
59) Atlanta - Wesley Britt/OT/Alabama
60) Indianapolis - Ryan Moats/RB/Louisiana Tech
61) San Diego - Barrett Ruud/LB/Nebraska
62) Pittsburgh - James Davis/DE/Virginia Tech
63) Philadelphia - Vincent Jackson/WR/Northern Colorado
64) New England - Michael Boley/LB/Southern Mississippi

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