Stone in and out; Brockermeyer up next

<P>Add Blake Brockermeyer's name to the list of reputable, highly-visible veteran free-agent offensive linemen the 49ers would like to have and with whom the team is having contract discussions.

Add Ron Stone's name to the list of those who now have been through that process.

While noting that the 49ers concluded a "nice visit" with Stone and his wife on Tuesday, when the two-time Pro Bowl guard talked football and scheme with the team's coaches and underwent a physical, Niners general manager Terry Donahue also revealed the team would bring in eighth-year veteran Blake Brockermeyer for a visit and physical on Thursday.

The Niners recently have become captivated by the idea of Stone, a 10th-year veteran, replacing 39-year-old Ray Brown as their starting left guard. But before Stone even visited the team's Santa Clara headquarters, it was apparent there would be a gap between what kind of financial compensation Stone - perhaps the top guard on the open market this year - would be seeking and what the Niners would be willing to offer.

"In terms of the overall visit and all, it went well from his perspective and ours," Donahue said. "It just depends on how cooperative they are in terms of salary or in terms of structure of the deal. It really depends on where their parameters are and where ours are. It's to be determined whether (an imminent deal) is realistic or not. We're not going to go out of where we feel we should be or stretch us where we put ourselves in harm's way."

Brockermeyer, a tackle who easily could move to guard, also is making the free-agent rounds. He visited with the Denver Broncos on Tuesday. His versatility would present several options on San Francisco's successful line that the Niners appear intent on tweaking at least slightly this year.

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