From the locker room

What the 49ers and Rams were saying after San Francisco's 28-25 upset victory Sunday in the season opener for both teams:

"I can only imagine the frustration in the (49ers) locker room last year. (Owner) John York pointed out that a lot of the same guys that are in there now were in there a year ago. The same guys that took a lot of the criticism last year are in that room and are the same guys that pulled out this victory today. You can imagine how excited and enthusiastic they feel about a victory like that which was so hard to come by a year ago. They're a talented group that continues to compete all the time. It's important to note that they are a mature group, too." --- 49ers coach Mike Nolan

"The 49ers are a very disciplined team and the attention to detail in which they do things (is) amazing. They are a tam with a great deal of energy and confidence. That's Mike Nolan. That's his personality." --- Rams coach Mike Martz

"The offensive line came out and played and did a great job protecting me. I didn't get touched all game and I have to give them credit for that. The offensive line established that we were going to pass the ball and they gave me the time to do it. That was the huge key to our victory because those guys played great up front." --- 49ers quarterback Tim Rattay

"(The San Francisco pass rush) did a very good job. They made a switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and, at least for today, it paid off. They dropped four guys back a lot and tried to prevent the deep play. For the most part, they were successful. They also guessed right a couple of times, but the bottom line is they made more big plays than we did. They had a bunch of trick plays that they've probably been working on since the spring. They had good success with some of them." --- Rams quarterback Marc Bulger

"I think we all tried to get together and mesh. Everybody was playing together as a unit. We all wanted to go out and play hard for one another, and if we keep on coming with a team effort like that, there's not too many teams that can stop us. It felt great. We played together as a whole unit – offense, defense and special teams. That was the biggest thing for us." --- 49ers linebacker Julian Peterson

"It was a tough game. We put ourselves in a hole in the first half, but we battled back in the second. You just can't get yourself in a hole on the road. It just goes to show that the best team doesn't always win. I think we were the better team at times today. Stats-wise, we showed we were a better team, but they beat us to the punch. They made more plays to win the ball game than we did." --- Rams receiver Torry Holt

"Everybody on the (punt) return team did an amazing job (on his 75-yard return for a touchdown). I caught the ball, I don't know exactly who it was, but I seen somebody while I was breaking a tackle and all of a sudden they disappeared. All I had left was the punter and that was my job to beat the punter. I was thinking, ‘Please get in the end zone.' I was hoping that I wouldn't get caught from behind by anybody." --- 49ers receiver/punt returner Otis Amey

"They made a couple of big plays when they had to. They didn't do anything to really surprise us. And, no, we weren't overconfident. In this league, you can't take anybody for granted. We knew they'd come out fired up and play hard for their new coach. You've got to give them a lot of credit." --- Rams safety Adam Archuleta

"Last year was last year. It's 2005, we're (1-0) and leading the division. This is where we wanted to be and we're excited. Everyone is rallying, the atmosphere and chemistry is coming together. It's a great start!" --- 49ers kicker Joe Nedney

"It's early in the season and you hate to lose a game like this to a divisional opponent. It's the game of football and that's the reason why we play it. It's no guarantee who can win. Today they were the better team and they made more plays. They did more of the little things. They've always played hard. They just did some things better on offense and special teams that gave them a better opportunity to win the game." --- Rams running back Marshall Faulk

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