A taste of Tuna

Five questions with Dallas coach Bill Parcells as the NFL icon talks Cowboys and 49ers:

Q: Did you know back in 2000 that Mike Nolan would be a head coach?

I can't say I knew that, but I do think a lot of Mike. When I was the GM of the Jets we had a good relationship. I knew his dad and I liked his dad. I just kind of took to Mike myself. I think he would probably tell you that. We had lots of talks that year. I think he's a good young coach and I like him very much personally. I hope he does well.

Q: Does Mike sometimes ask you for advice?

No, not really. Mike and I have had a couple of talks over the years, just a little bit here and there. I'm not saying that I'm any mentor of his, I just like the guy personally. I thought he had some qualities that I admired. When he came to the Jets, he had been through a little rough times. He came, I saw him coaching and I told him listen: ‘I know one when I see one and you're it, so let's go.' I think he appreciated that."

Q: What are some qualities that you admire in him?

I think he's a football guy. He grew up with it. It's very important to him and I think that he has a lot of passion for it. I just like the guy. I hope he does well and I mean that.

Q: Do you do anything different in preparing your team this week, being that you had a small-margin loss and the 49ers had a huge loss this past week?

In my experience, you can only lose a game once. Once the game is lost it's lost. I kind of learn that from following baseball so much. As I talk to the baseball guys, they were able to put those 11-2 games behind them just as quick as the 5-4 games. Sometimes things snowball in a game. It happened to us in the final few minutes. It happened to us in the final few minutes the other night. We had the game in hand and we couldn't make any one of the six or seven plays that would've won the game. I don't think that this time of year either team will have too much trouble getting to the business at hand. It's way too early in the season to reflect to long as of what's going on.

Q: You've brought in some players – including quarterback Drew Bledsoe – that you've had on your previous teams. What are the advantages of having players that have been with you before?

It's no advantage at all if they're not good players. I only will take guys that I think are good players. That's all that I have here. In terms of guys who've been with me before, I'm not just taking them to take them. I'm taking them, because I thought they're pretty good players. I've only have a few of them, I don't have a lot. I think familiarity is always good. I don't ever take them with the idea that this guy is going to be a good information guy in the locker room. I have a couple of guys that have played with me before who are really quiet, reserved and non-talkative players. They don't really influence anything except their performance on the field. That's really the criteria and not that they are familiar with me.

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