From the locker room

What the 49ers and Cowboys were saying Sunday after Dallas' 34-31 victory at San Francisco's Monster Park:

"Two things are evident to me: That is where we are right now as a football team, and where we are headed. I never dismiss a loss. We will spend tonight and tomorrow coming to an explanation of the things we did right and did wrong. We will learn from them." --- 49ers coach Mike Nolan

"We just held in there and kept coming back and eventually pulled it off. I think that we proved we could take a punch, especially after they scored in the third quarter. I am proud of (my team), the way they came back. That was a pretty good comeback, so I commend them for that." --- Cowboys coach Bill Parcells

"We didn't play well. We didn't play consistent on defense. They continued to execute and we didn't. It's a real letdown. Every time we put some points on the board, defensively we would let them back in the game. We can't do that. This one won't go away. It hurts for us to lose this way." --- 49ers safety Tony Parrish

"I think we could have run the ball and maintained the run a little bit to eat up some time, which is kind of what they did – they controlled the clock and they hit the big plays. We had a lot of big plays early and then the big plays kind of slacked off. You see we were able to put up 31 points. But evidently, we didn't do enough." --- 49ers offensive tackle Jonas Jennings

"We had to overcome a lot today, including ourselves and all the turnovers. We've got a lot of weapons and we make it hard for a defense to shut us down by concentrating on any one guy. We spread the ball around. This victory is huge, absolutely huge for us. It was a bounce-back game for us after losing on Monday night. Had we lost two in a row, it could have been really heartbreaking. It could have worn us down as a team." --- Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe

"We have to do more on offense. We have to score more points. We had opportunities and did not take advantage of them. I could not make any plays near the end and I take full responsibility for this loss on the offensive side of the ball. I'm definitely frustrated right now. This loss is most frustrating because we had a great chance to win and go 2-1, and we just did not get the job done." --- 49ers quarterback Tim Rattay

"It was a great comeback. We showed a lot of heart and came out and finished the game strong. We learned a lot about ourselves today. Yes, it is a little lucky, but we worked hard and we came out in the second half and the defense held strong and the offense came through. We needed this win and I think we showed ourselves what kind of team we're going to have this year." --- Cowboys running back Julius Jones

"I don't think this is (a moral victory). I'm really proud of how hard we played and how hard we fought. But we disappointed ourselves because we should have won." --- 49ers receiver Arnaz Battle

"We worked so hard for this game to get ourselves back on track after the loss in Philly. We're better than that. I think that at times, we show sparks of greatness. But you have to be consistent in how you play, and we weren't consistent. Offensively, those guys did a great job. Defensively, we didn't do the things we needed to do to win the game. We had the win in our hands and we just didn't finish it." --- 49ers defensive end Bryant Young

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