Agent talks on Owens topics

David Joseph, the agent for Terrell Owens who sat in on last week's meeting between Owens and 49ers coach Steve Mariucci, commented Tuesday on that meeting and Owens' intentions to play next month in the United States Basketball League.

 Joseph was present for most of the three-hour meeting between Owens and Mariucci on April 9 at an Atlanta airport hotel.

 "It just went really well," Joseph said. "I have an immense respect for coach Mariucci. He's a class act. I'll give Mariucci a lot of credit. He's the one who called it, initiated it and set it up. They've developed an understanding, and will try to be more respectful of each other, try to listen to each other more. That's the biggest thing."

 Regarding the feud between Mariucci and Owens that developed during last season, Joseph said, "There were a lot of comments made by both parties borne out of frustration. I don't know what the future holds for coach Mariucci and Terrell. But they need to work together, have to work together."

 Joseph said he does not believe there is any stipulation in Owens' contract with the 49ers that would preclude Owens from his plan of playing this spring with the Adirondack Wildcats of the USBL.

 "Terrell's had a dream forever about playing basketball," Joseph said. "He plays a lot of basketball in the offseason. A lot of people ask me, 'Golly, what if he gets injured playing basketball?' He plays basketball every day. He's really excited. He won't miss any minicamps, won't miss any training. Terrell's not going to play basketball at the expense of football. He's going to play a few games and enjoy himself."

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