'I don't feel like I should be No. 2'

Tim Rattay left film review of last week's loss to Arizona on Monday still under the assumption he was the 49ers' starting quarterback. So he was somewhat blindsided by the news Tuesday when coach Mike Nolan told him that he was moving Alex Smith ahead of Rattay as San Francisco's starting quarterback. The usually low-key Rattay still was visibly upset about the change when he talked about it for the first time publicly Wednesday.

Q: What was your reaction to the change at quarterback?

I obviously wasn't happy. I'm frustrated, obviously, that they made that decision. That's all there is to say.

Q: In that respect then, at this point, how do you approach the situation?

The same as always. I'll prepare like I always do. Get ready to play, like I'm going to play.

Q: Did you sense this might happen after Alex came in during the fourth quarter against Arizona last week?

No. No. I talked to the quarterback coach Monday, went through the film, reviewed it, went through the grading sheet. I obviously didn't play as well as I wanted to, but some things were out of my control. He said, ‘You didn't play as bad as what it looked like, you made some plays when they were there.' When things are out of your control, there's nothing you can do. He told me I was still up and … whatever. So it was a surprise, obviously, Tuesday to hear that.

Q: Did you feel like with your offensive line banged up, and without receiver Arnaz Battle playing, that you really didn't have much of a chance to (succeed Sunday)?

No, I mean, I understand that when things go wrong, it's the quarterback's fault. I take full responsibility for us being 1-3. And, obviously, I'm the one getting benched, so obviously, there's similar feelings that it's my fault. So I take responsibility for that. I understand that that's the way business works.

Q: Can you elaborate on the things that were out of your control?

Things, obviously, weren't going well. Nolan wanted to make a change at quarterback, so that's what he's got to do.

Q: When they drafted Alex Smith, you knew he was ultimately going to be the quarterback of the future here, but you had some control over when the future would arrive. So is it disappointing that the future has come this quickly?

Yeah, absolutely. I was expecting to be in there and play. I wasn't expecting to lose my job, or think I was going to lose my job or whatever. I was out there to play, and keep playing and try and win games. Like I say, I'm frustrated, but I understand the deal.

Q: What's the relationship like now with Alex?

Fine. Same as always. It's the same relationship. We've had the same relationship that we've always had. We're always going to talk. It's not any different.

Q: You've been the No. 2 quarterback here before. How is it different this time?

Obviously, I don't want to be No. 2 and I don't feel like I should be No. 2. But I understand the role, and I'm going to prepare and be a professional about it, and prepare myself to play and be ready to play if they need me to play. I understand that role, and I'll obviously be professional about it, because that's what you've got to do.

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