Donahue identifies draft needs

"In looking at our needs both long-term and short-term, they fall into several areas," said 49ers general manager Terry Donahue, who this week categorized the eight specific areas at which the team will be looking to add to its roster during the NFL draft this weekend.

 1. Offensive left tackle. "Can you get your hands on a left tackle?" Donahue said. "They're hard to get. There's not many of them (good ones) every year in the draft. If there is one available, I think you have to seriously consider it."

 2-3. Cornerback/pass rusher. "We need to continue to work forward in trying to make sure that our nickel and dime teams can match up with teams like the Rams and teams that we need to match up well against," Donahue said. "That, I think, relates both to the front and the back end of the defense, which means secondary player or pass rusher."

 4-5. Center/tight end. "I think we have some legitimate concerns at some backup positions. Center would be an example. Tight end would be an example." 6. Linebacker. "We're going to definitely need one linebacker, maybe two," Donahue said.

 7. Quarterback. "I think we have to look at the quarterback position and ask ourselves, are we stocked there adequately for the future and where are we going to go in the future? I believe that's a question."

8. Wide receiver. "I think realistically, when you look long-term, you have to look at your wide receiver position. And you have to analyze whether or not and how long you're going to have your core of wide receivers."

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