From the locker room

What the 49ers and Giants were saying late Sunday afternoon after New York's 24-6 victory at San Francisco's Monster Park:

"We will not dismiss this loss. We will take into account all the things that happened and learn from them and get better because of it. We are not where we wanted to be at this point at 2-6, but we feel there are an awful lot of things going in the right direction with a lot of young players." --- 49ers coach Mike Nolan

"This was the first road win of my career and the first for our team this season, so this is was an important one, it was big. We struggled early, penalties killed us, that put us in third-and-long situation and you can't convert on those against a good team like the 49ers. You've got to give the 49ers credit because they played good defense. Fortunately for us, we were able to make a big play or two along the way that really helped." --- Giants quarterback Eli Manning

"Obviously, if we only score six points, we didn't do what we set out to do. It's frustrating anytime you lose a game. Somebody is not producing when they should be and it's something we need to work on. It's not a very satisfying feeling right now. It's nice to go out there and make some kicks, but you want them to be the difference-makers in the game. So it's frustrating." --- 49ers kicker Joe Nedney

"The (New York defense) did a good job. I mean, I've got to give credit to their team. I think we hurt ourselves more. I think we had a lot of penalties that set us back. It really was those self-inflicted mistakes that hurt us today. I've been out for a long time and you kind of lose some of the fundamentals of what you do. Today was great that I could make it through the full game and not aggravate (his injured knee). I'm going to come back next week and continue the rehab and get back on track." --- 49ers receiver Arnaz Battle

"It was a tough sled for us today. This is a defense that plays very well. They're very aggressive and they always keep an extra guy down in the box. It was tough (rushing) yardage all day. Two or three yards at a time, a couple 10-yarders, but it was a grind-it-out game. It wasn't easy all the way through. We struggled a little bit. You've got to give a lot of credit to their defense for playing at a very high level for most of the game." --- Giants running back Tiki Barber

"We're not as productive as we'd like to be. It somewhat limits our play-calling when we have a different quarterback in there, because they aren't getting all the (practice) reps from the weeks before. But this is professional football and we've all played football before. Cody (Pickett) is a great player. He's a great quarterback and we should be scoring a lot more points." --- 49ers receiver Johnnie Morton

"We're disappointed. We know what we have here and what we're building. We believe in it. It's definitely a work in progress, but we're on the right track. We just have to do a better job of keeping our heads in the game. It's an emotional game, but at the same time we have to stay in it. We definitely had a lot of missed opportunities. I definitely had my share. It was a hard-fought game and in the end they out-played us." --- 49ers safety Tony Parrish

"It was a good game. Eli did a good job of getting the ball to our playmakers. Plaxico (Burress) had a great catch which turned the game around at that point. The 49ers have been up and down a bit this year, but they played pretty hard today. The 49ers played great defense, they played hard, but fortunately we were able to make plays. This was our first road win, and that's always important. That's special for us and I'm proud." --- Giants coach Tom Coughlin

"Big plays kill us. Whether it's one, two or three, those big plays add up. Those big and explosive plays are just unacceptable. We have to earn the respect as a team. Not just defense, but as a team. We're working so hard. As far as the outcome, to a certain degree it's upsetting. We have a lot of fighters and leaders on this team. We're going to come back, critique the film, get this loss over with so that we can get ready for Chicago." --- 49ers defensive end Andre Carter

"I felt good the whole game. Unfortunately, there's some plays out there I could have made and I didn't execute. We ran the ball really well last week and we were going to try that again this week, but unfortunately we couldn't get that done today. We lost and the ultimate goal is to come out and win games. We didn't get that done today, so it's not a very good feeling right now." --- 49ers quarterback Cody Pickett