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News, notes and happenings regarding players throughout the NFL, particulary those playing Sunday in Super Bowl XL.

1465 Porter, Joey (Pittsburgh Steelers) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- OLB Joey Porter's fire was lit by Seattle tight end Jerramy Stevens, and Pittsburgh's Pro Bowl linebacker erupted, spewing all the Seahawks in the process. "We're going to go out there and play football our style," Porter promised. "It's going to be very physical. We're going to try to tap out as many people as we can, put it like that. We're going to try to send as many people to the sideline as we can. "That's all you need to know. Every chance we get a chance to tap somebody out, that's what we're going out there to do." Said quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, "I'm used to Joey doing that stuff. It is always kind of amusing to me because I like to hear what he has to say. That is just Joey being Joey. He gets very excited, so he likes to be out there a little bit." Porter became upset when he heard that Stevens promised to ruin Jerome Bettis' Detroit homecoming Sunday.

1052 Kreider, Dan (Pittsburgh Steelers) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- FB Dan Kreider, listed as questionable with a knee injury, should be OK to play on Sunday and may be upgraded before the week is out.

1762 Stevens, Jerramy (Seattle Seahawks) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- TE Jerramy Stevens refused to add any fuel to the fire, but Steelers linebacker Joey Porter kept stoking the embers Thursday. "I'm telling him he's soft now and I'll tell him when I see him," Porter said. "He knows he's soft. That doesn't bother me. He's a tight end. I've never, ever, ever been afraid of a tight end." Stevens toned things down after saying Wednesday that it would be sad when Steelers running back Jerome Bettis left his hometown without the Lombardi Trophy. "You won't hear Jerramy saying anything more for the rest of the week," coach Mike Holmgren said to laughter. "You know what, I suppose going through Super Bowl week without something like that happening would be unusual." Stevens seemed to take things in stride. "I think it's part of the deal when you come to the Super Bowl," he said. "People are looking for stories. All I intended was to answer questions. ... I don't regret. I spoke the truth."

498 Dyson, Andre (Seattle Seahawks) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- CB Andre Dyson (quadriceps) returned to practice Thursday. He remained probable on the injury report.

1447 Polamalu, Troy (Pittsburgh Steelers) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- S Troy Polamalu "tweaked" his ankle during Thursday's practice. It was enough to get him listed on the injury report, but is not expected to hamper him for Sunday's Super Bowl.

730 Hackett, D.J. (Seattle Seahawks) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- WR D.J. Hackett (hamstring) was added to the injury report Thursday after leaving practice with an injury. The team is listing him as probable.

1314 Nalen, Tom (Denver Broncos) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- C Tom Nalen has been re-signed to a three-year, $9 million contract with a $3 million signing bonus.

1384 Parker, Willie (Pittsburgh Steelers) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- RB Willie Parker had a 3.8-yard average per carry (119 carries) in the first half of games in the regular season and a 5.4 average (136) in the second half.

1745 Staley, Duce (Pittsburgh Steelers) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- RB Duce Staley likely will not dress Sunday. He has been active for just five games this season and last played Dec. 4 when he had three carries for two yards against Cincinnati.

1957 Warrick, Peter (Seattle Seahawks) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- WR Peter Warrick will handle punt-return duties again. The team thinks his knee, which required surgery last year, has recovered to the point that Warrick can make plays. Warrick entered this season coming off knee surgery. "Early in the year I don't think he was physically ready to go," special-teams coach Bob Casullo said. "Now he is much healthier, he is much, much, much more in tune to returning the ball for us. So we're happy to have him back there."

1591 Sam, P.K. (Cincinnati Bengals) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- WR P.K. Sam (released by Patriots 9/4, ended season on Patriots practice squad) was added to Cincinnati's roster.

61205 Ryan, Jon (Green Bay Packers) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- P Jon Ryan (Winnipeg-CFL '05) was added to Green Bay's roster.

3835 Campbell, Darrell (Cleveland Browns) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- DT Darrell Campbell (released by Bears 9/6, ended season on Bears practice squad) was added to Cleveland's roster.

1092 Leverette, Otis (* Free Agents) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- DE Otis Leverette's practice squad contract with Carolina expired.

6156 Peters, Scott (* Free Agents) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- C Scott Peters' practice squad contract with Carolina expired. Peters was with the 49ers throughout 2005 before being released before the regular season began.

54863 Rodriguez, Robert (* Free Agents) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- LB Robert Rodriguez's practice squad contract with Carolina expired.

976 Jones, Garrick (Atlanta Falcons) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- OT Garrick Jones (released by Texans 8/31, ended season on Texans practice squad) was added to Atlanta's roster.

5918 Mulcahy, Sean (Carolina Panthers) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- DT Sean Mulcahy (released by Rams 7/21/04, by Falcons 8/4/04) was added to Carolina's roster.

1342 Norman, Dennis (Jacksonville Jaguars) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- C Dennis Norman has agreed to a contract extension. Terms of the deal were not released.

1689 Smith, Aaron (Pittsburgh Steelers) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- DE Aaron Smith, who led the Steelers with 8.0 sacks in 2004, led them with 22 pressures in 2005, seven more than No. 2, OLB Jerry Porter.

1557 Roethlisberger, Ben (Pittsburgh Steelers) (02/02/2006) ---------------------------------------------------------- QB Ben Roethlisberger has boosted his career NFL postseason passer rating to 100.9 with 10 touchdowns and six interceptions in five games.

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