Thursday's NFL Combine LIVE Feed

Thursday's live feed from the NFL Combine, including information from players, personnel and draft scouts on all the news from Indianapolis. Included in this report are NFL Draft prospect notes, NFL team notes, reports, stats and free agency updates.

Romeo Crennel/Cleveland Browns

- Listed the needs as improving as a run-stopping defense and needing a pass rusher.

- Will probably need to get a wide receiver with WR Antonio Bryant expecting to test the free agent market and would prefer a veteran.

- Need a running back to take some carries from RB Reuben Droughns.

- Need offensive line depth.

- At the Combine, he's looking for how players interact with other players and coaches.

- Called it a better defensive draft this year.

- Having more teams run the 3-4 defense means it's harder to find those players and acquire them.


Robin Meadow/OT/Washington

- Measured in at just under 6'5 and 324 lbs.

- Said the two injuries to his left knee from high school and his early college career has not been a problem. He's had no problems with it for the past two seasons.

- Doesn't feel he's had strong interest from any club in particular but said he's had a bit more contact with the Browns and Packers.

- Been primarily working on his strength and conditioning the past few weeks


Mike Bell/RB/Arizona

- Measured in at 6'0/221 lbs.

- Will do a full workout here.

- Said he's heard that some scouts are concerned that he can't get outside, so he's hoping to be able to show that speed during his workouts.

- Mentioned that some scouts have said they'd like to see him run lower, so he's working on that.


Boone Stutz/TE-LS/Texas A&M

- Measured in at 6'6/260 lbs.

- Said although he's listed as a special teams player due to his long-snapping ability, teams are showing interest in him primarily as a tight end as well.

- Teams he feels are showing the most interest so far are the Cowboys and Seahawks.

Jonathan Scott/OT/Texas

- Measured at 6-6½/315 pounds.

- Played LT the last few years but can play RT. - Always wanted to be a star athlete, but was hoping it would be at running or quarterback or in basketball. However, when he was 6-foot-5 in middle school he figured it wouldn't happen at those positions when other kids were 5-8.

- Owns a production company and enjoys being a D.J. and mixing music.

- Needs to improve on his redirect and sinking his hips.


Andre Hall/RB/ South Florida

- Measured at 5-8, 208 pounds.

- Played at 200 to 205 pounds.

- Said he's faster than what many people have him listed (listed in the low 4.5s).

- Has talked with Reggie Bush and DeAngelo Williams.

- Called DE Mario Williams of NC State a 'mean animal.'

- Called himself a 'one-cut and go' guy.

- Has talked with the Denver, Miami, Kansas City, Atlanta, Carolina, and Minnesota so far here.

- Will do a full workout.


Rashad Butler/OT/Miami

- Checked in at 6-4/293 pounds.

- Called the Combine process grueling, with his flight delayed out of Miami and arriving late Wednesday night.

- Will do everything but the 40-yard dash because of a tweaked hamstring.

- Will do the 40 at his Pro Day on March 4.

- He feels his agility is one of his strongest assets.

- Thinks he's a better pass blocker than run blocker.

- He said he can play right or left tackle.

- Had the longest arm span of offensive linemen at the draft.


Ryan Cook/C/New Mexico

- Measured in at 6-6½/328 pounds.

- Has talked with Atlanta, New England, Jacksonville, and Houston, among other teams.

- He said he needs to keep his pad level lower, which is more difficult as a tall center.

- Was an All-Mountain West selection after being a walk-on.

- Was motivated by not being recruiting.

- Got some experience at right tackle at Senior Bowl after playing center for four years.


Maurice Drew/RB/UCLA

- Measured in at 5'6 ½/207

- Will be doing all the workouts

- Feels his strength is his versatility since he can run, block, and handle returns.

- Believes his punt return ability will help his stock.

- Some of the teams showing the most interest in him so far are the Jaguars, Raiders, Seahawks, Steelers, Browns, and the Bengals.


Josh Huston/K/Ohio State

- Measured in at 6'1 1/8, 209 lbs

- Says he's been working with the pro K ball and it's naturally impacted his distance a bit, but says he loves the accuracy of it, feeling it sails much more true.

- Mentioned that he wants to show good leg strength on kickoffs at the Combine workouts as there are lots of guys who can kick field goals without the pressure of the real game situation. With some teams using kickoff specialists as a roster spot, he wants to be sure to do well on those drills.

- Had six physicals today and in the last one he was asked to do an MRI on his hip. He said he's had no problems or discomfort with it for three years.


Wali Lundy/RB/Virginia

- Measured in at 5'11/214

- Feels is short-yardage skills and ability to punch the ball in at the goal line will make him attractive to teams.

- Believes he's a good inside runner who makes people miss.

- Played receiver through his junior year in high school before switching to running back.

- Has talked to about 15 teams so far, but doesn't feel any of them have expressed stronger interest than others.


Brian Calhoun/RB/Wisconsin

- Measured in at 5'9 ½/202

- Said if teams question his size, they should consider that he carried the ball roughly 350 times last year, only fumbled once, and he didn't miss a game.

- Feels he could start right away and brings the skill necessary at all three phases of the game – running, receiving, and blocking.

- Will do a full workout at the Combine.


Steve Weatherford/PK/Illinois

- Measured in at 6'2 ½, 217

- In addition to punting, he could be considered as a kickoff specialist.

- As a top-rated punter, he would be thrilled if he could be selected by the third or fourth round, but is will simply be happy to get a call.

- Doesn't feel any team has shown more interest than any other.


Buffalo Bills General Manager Marv Levy

- Levy stated that getting CB Nate Clements tied down with the franchise tag was key to rebuilding the defense in Buffalo. He noted that Clements is a young player with a lot of talent, but the club feels he has room to get even better, and Clements does too. Levy said they will continue to work on reaching a long term deal with him and he left Clements a voice mail this week to get dialogue going for a long-term deal.

- Levy noted that the Bills, much like many other teams in the NFL have a "quarterback situation" heading into the 2006 season. He noted that last season was truly J.P. Losman's rookie year due to his injuries the previous season. But Levy noted that he is a skilled quarterback with a strong arm and good mobility -- he just has a lot more to learn. But Levy said, "Show me a rookie quarterback who didn't. We're standing here in Indianapolis where Peyton Manning went 3-13 as a rookie."

Levy stated that in regards to the quarterback position, they will likely bring another one in during the offseason.

"Is it likely that he's going to be a top-of-the-line first or second rounder? Not likely." Levy said a mid-round pick of someone that they are surprised or pleased to see on the board at that time would be possible. He also said that the team would consider a free agent if he's relatively young and the kind of talent who clearly has the talent level to become a starter, such as a Brett Favre when he was with Atlanta or Steve Young when he was with Tampa."

- Levy mentioned that he hasn't been able to get in touch with wide receiver Eric Moulds regarding restructuring his contract. But he said that they feel he still has a lot to offer and they are hopeful they can get a new deal worked out that would keep him in Buffalo. Head coach Dick Jauron said the coaching staff is proceeding under the assumption that Moulds will be back.


Danny Baugher/Kicker/Arizona

- Checked in at 5-9 1/2 , 194 pounds.

- Injured the ACL in his right knee in the seventh game of his senior year running with a blocked punt and just started kicking this week.

- Will not work out at the Combine, saying he's only 50 percent right now.

- Expects to hold his Pro Day in late March, depending on how he feels at the time and expects to be 100 percent by July. Had his surgery on Nov. 18.


John Torp/K/Colorado

- Checking at 6-2, 212 pounds.

- Has better kicking numbers in the fourth quarters of games, but said he doesn't change his approach.

- Said even coaches have a perception that he gains distance by kicking in higher atltitude, but said some of his best games were in warm weather.

- Some coaches are asking about kickoffs.

- Said he needs to work on flexibility.

- Talked with the Browns and Bears at the Senior Bowl and about half of the special teams coaches so far at the Combine.


Cleveland Browns General Manager Phil Savage

- Confirmed he's had talk with RB Reuben Droughns's agent Drew Rosenhaus for an extension. The Browns are looking for a back that can take the load off of Droughns who would likely be his main backup.

- Savage updated the status of injured players WR Brayon Edwards (knee) and TE Kellen Winslow (knee).

The timetable for Edwards getting back on the practice field is around late in training camp (late August) or September. The time table for Winslow to be on the field is some time in June so he's expected to be ready for the start of training camp.

- The team is working on trying to get OT L.J. Shelton re-signed.


Jerome Harrison/RB/Washington State

- Measured in at 5'9/201.

- Will work out fully here and on his pro day on 3/8.

- He really enjoyed his Senior Bowl experience. He cited making plays out of the backfield as one of the key elements in his success that week.

- He felt that he had to catch the ball out of the backfield because he'll likely be asked to do that a lot at the next level.


Kevin Colbert/Director of Football Operations/Pittsburgh Steelers

- Colbert confirmed veteran RB Duce Staley was a healthy inactive the second half of the season and is healthy now. When asked about Staley's contract status, Colbert didn't confirm if Staley would be asked to restructure his contract or if he would be on the roster for the 2006 season.

- When asked by whether TE Heath Miller exceeded or met the club's expectations for a rookie at his position, Colbert said Miller had a great season and he never missed a beat. The key, according to Colbert, was that he never had a setback from the sports hernia surgery he had coming out of the draft and Miller didn't miss any minicamp time. Colbert also pointed out had Miller not been coming back from the injury at the time of the draft, Miller wouldn't have lasted until where they were selecting in the first round (#30).

- As for re-signing WR Antwaan Randle El, Colbert said they are still trying to see what the salary cap will be to be able to judge how much money they will be able to spend on re-signing their own players. Colbert confirmed they have at least had discussions with all of their free agents.

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