Niners awarded compensatory draft pick

The 49ers now have 11 selections in the upcoming NFL draft after being awarded a compensatory seventh-round selection by the league on Monday.

The extra pick will be the 254th overall in the college lottery – the next-to-last pick in the draft. The Oakland Raiders, who also were one of the 13 teams awarded a seventh-round compensatory pick, have the final pick in the draft.

The 49ers now have three seventh-round selections, two sixth-rounders and two third-rounders to go along with one pick in the other four rounds of the draft, which will take place April 29-30 in New York.

The Niners received an extra third-rounder in the recent trade of receiver Brandon Lloyd to Washington. They have an extra sixth-rounder from the trade with Tampa Bay last year for quarterback Tim Rattay and another seventh-rounder in the trade with Jacksonville last year for linebacker Jamie Winborn.

The final six selections of the draft were supplemental compensatory picks based upon draft order formula to fulfill the number of draft choices permitted by the NFL players union's new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the league. Besides the 49ers and Raiders – who tied for the third-worst record in the league at 4-12 with the New York Jets, Tennessee Titans and Green Bay Packers – the Houston Texans (2-14), New Orleans Saints (3-13) and Packers also get extra seventh-round selections based on this new stipulation.

A total of 32 compensatory picks were awarded by the league this year to 19 different teams. The extra 32 picks supplemental the original 223 choices over seven rounds.

The 49ers were one of 11 teams to receive one compensatory pick. The Baltimore Ravens led the way this year with four compensatory picks, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Titans and Buccaneers each have three, and the Packers, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams each have two.

The 49er s have now been awarded 12 compensatory picks since the NFL began adding them to the draft selection process in 1993.

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