Draft chat: Tony Pauline fields all questions

Excerpts from a recent chat with Scout.com draft guru Tony Pauline, one of the leading authorities on the NFL draft, which is a year-long occupation for him on Scout.com. Tony not only produces the Scout Draft Guide, but also has written for Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, and many other national-level publications.

BarryMcBride: Yo! How's it going, Tony?
Tony Pauline: Everything's kewl...good to b here
bluesidd: If bunk wimberly and ngata are available who is it?
Tony Pauline: bluesid...right now I think it is Bunkley-
BarryMcBride: Tony... Will Arizona take Ngata?
Tony Pauline: Barry...the Cards will take a QB if one falls into their laps, most likely Cutler at this point
YSUlovesAJ: Tony...Santonio Holmes...why is he dropping
Tony Pauline YSU- first, Chad Jackson is soaring more then Holmes dropping- Holmes will still likely be a top 20 choice to Miami
IamRV: Isn't Young falling like a rock?
Tony Pauline: lamRv- Young has fallen but the wildcard is the Raiders- they make surprise selections and feelers have them going with Young at this point
GregHensley: Tony with the Chargers in a love fest for Chad Jackson could we see them make a move ahead of the Eagles and Broncos to pick 12?
Tony Pauline: GregHensly- unlikely- AJ Smith will move down before up. They are likely to sit where they are and take Tye Hill
d: What are the Bills going to do?
Tony Pauline: d- Bills will go one of two way...Ngata or Winston Justice, who we have them taking in out latest mock
artbtz: Could you see an Indy or other low team making a play to trade up to get an RB? Likely or unlikely?
Tony Pauline: art- as is the case every year there are always take of numerous trades which never come to fruition- I don't think Indy makes a move nor do a lot of other teams people are predicting to trade up
ramllov: Tony will there be an ILB in the fourth round?
Tony Pauline: rmlov- yes- it is a very weak ILB/MLB crop and they will be pushed down because of the strength of the other positions
BarryMcBride: Tony, do you think OG Charles Spencer lasts until around the early middle of the second round?
Tony Pauline: Barry- I think so; Spencer has a lot of upside yet comes over as kind of lazy which will depress his draft stock until the 45th pick
Guest76: If Buffalo passes on Ngata would St. Louis take him?
Tony Pauline: Guest76- yes- the Rams have Kennedy/Glover and no one else....
ramllov: Again, is there starting material once you get out of the third round?
Tony Pauline: ramlov- at certain positions; I think a starter could be found at running back, possibly OLB as well as safety
Siouxdawg: Is Winston Justice a steal at number 12?
Tony Pauline: Siouxdawg- yes; Justice is good value outside pick #10
IamRV: Tony - would LB Ernie Simms fit in a 3-4?
Tony Pauline: lamRv- in time; his athleticism and size is more prone to a one-gap (4-3) system early on
Guest119: Could Abdul Hodge last into the second round considering D'Qwell Jackson could be the first ILB off the board?
Tony Pauline: Guest119...Hodge will probably be the first ILB/MLB off the board in round two...Jackson is falling; small, slow and marginal pass cover skills.
GregHensley: Tony what is your take on Babatunde Oshinowo?
Tony Pauline Oshinowo- huge heart and average talent- he's the kind of guy who quietly has a 10 year productive NFL career yet never becomes a star
ramllov: How deep does the starting NT go, through the second round, how many are there? who
Tony Pauline: SOBO: Tony - WHY Wimbley over Lawson? I just have no clue why
Tony Pauline: Sobo- about twenty pounds for starters.... I would agree in that many people are underrating Lawson
SOBO: don't go the measurable argument on me, I want facets of their game for an answer my friend
Tony Pauline: Sobo- Wimbley's more a leverage defender, faster of the edge and seamlessly with his ability to bend off the corner in my estimation
howldawg: Tony i saw one report that said Bobby Carpenter was best suited as an ILB would you agree?
Tony Pauline: howldawg- no; an OLB who can be used as a nickel rusher out of a three point stance.
Dawghowl: Broderick Bunkley seems more like a 4-3 DT than a 3-4, and isnt their alot of concern about his injury history?
Tony Pauline: Dawghowl- I don't think the injury history is as much a concern as his natural size...his intensity helps him overcome all of that
Guest76: TFY - How do you rank the top 3 qbs? who is #4?
Tony Pauline: Guest76: Leinart/Cutler/Young/Croyle
GregHensley: Tony who is that 3rd round steal this year that will shock?
Tony Pauline: GregHensley: Greg Jennings of WMU, Ray Edwards/Purdue, Kyle Williams/LSU
Guest594: What do you think about Joseph Addai
Tony Pauline: Addai has the chance to develop into a feature runner- he is also moving up draft boards as some teams have moved him ahead of LenDale White on draft boards
Guest382: Tony.......how far does Vince Young fall?
Tony Pauline: Guest382- good chance the Raiders take him...if not the Cardinals @10
howldawg: Tony What about Lendale White when will he get drafted? How much did his Proday hurt him?
Tony Pauline: howldawg- White really screwed himself- his attitude was abominable last Sunday- right now I'd say 80 percent he does not go in the first round
Guest191: Tony, what round do you think Anthony Schlegel will go in
Tony Pauline: Guest191...late; 6th round area- hard nosed player but really only a two-down defender
Guest191: are there any red flags on Charles Spencer?
Tony Pauline: Guest191...yes- intensity and off season conditioning
ramllov: Is Spencer a LG or RG?
Tony Pauline: ramlov- he would be effective at both though his size and strength will put him on the right side
howldawg: Tony who is your top 2 Guards?
Tony Pauline: howldawg...Max Jean Gilles and Davin Joseph
Guest594: What do you think of Johnathon Scott of Texas?
Tony Pauline: Guest594...Scott is dropping like a rock and could fall out of the first day...a very lazy guy who is unprepared and does not show a lot of desire...seems to be playing football cause his father wants him to
Guest191: how is John McCargo from NC State, he underrated or just not that good or what?
Tony Pauline: Guest191- McCargo is a solid prospect but a tad undersized and let's face it; he has not played a real lot of football so he'll need time to develop
ramllov: Tony, What is your opinion of Greg Wilkinson LB, OLB or ILB?
Tony Pauline: ramlov...right now an ILB or MLB...I watched his session at the combine and he is horrendous in reverse; no backpedal so he'll need time in coverage
Crunkadelic: Tony, where do you see Rod Wright going?
Tony Pauline: Crunadelic- I think he's probably going a round later after his senior season
ramllov: Tony do you see sleeper defensive linemen. Say one DE is great and the other guy is the sleeper?
Tony Pauline: Sleeper DL- Darrell Adams of Villanova, Charlton Keith of Kansas
GregHensley; Montavious Stanley is my sleeper stud in this draft
Tony Pauline: GregHensley- good choice...especially if someone can light a fire under him
Guest26: according to the steelers fans I know they have no weakness and could just bypass the draft. Who do you see them taking in rnd 1 Tony?
Tony Pauline: Guest26- funny...they could surprise and take Daniel Bullocks in round one...
GregHensley: Tony Claude Wroten was arguably the #1 defensive linemen how far does he fall with the off the field issues?
Tony Pauline: Greg- that's a bit of a stretch, though you said arguably....right now mid-to-late second round
ramllov: I heard Danny Bullock is going up in the draft
Tony Pauline: ramllov - you heard correct
ramllov: Tony how good is this draft, good enough through the middle fourth round?
Tony Pauline: ramlov- good talent through the end of the fourth
Guest119: TFY, any thoughts on Freddie Roach? I think he's the biggest ILB in the class and he would fit well into a 3-4
Tony Pauline: Guest119- Roach stacks against the run as well as any backer in this draft but he is strictly a two-down defender PhilMcCracken: ESPN and Rivals have been talking about Lawson's inability to turn his hips, read quickly and change direction
Tony Pauline: PhilMcCracken- I disagree 100 percent about Lawson's COD ability...the reading part; well that's a wait and see proposition as it is with any college d-linemen making a move
Guest594: What do you think of Roger McIntosh of Miami? do you think he could play a little inside backer and move to the outside also? i think he would be a good pickup in round 2 if he can play both spots
Tony Pauline: Guest594- McIntosh has terrific size/speed number- he could move inside but he does not always play smart football and he has a long injury history
GregHensley: Tony how bizarre is it with Lawson when some see him as a first-round prospect and others still see him as a reach in the third?
Tony Pauline: GregHensly...incredibly bizarre considering the guy is 250lbs and runs a 4.46 besides being a very good football player
Guest594: What do you think of OMAR JACOBS of Bowling Green i know his throwing action is flawed but he still has a gun do you think he can go day 1?
Tony Pauline: Guest594...after the '04 season yes but after last year...no. It's more than Jacobs throwing motion- it is his whole set up and delivery...you need to start from the ground up with him...
Guest119: What are your thoughts on another NT prospect, Montavious Stanley
Tony Pauline: Guest119- Stanley needs to play at a much higher level on a consistent basis...he has terrific tools and is underrated. A lot of people feel it was the double teaming of Stanley which allowed Dumervil to do his damage at Louisville
Guest336: TFY, which highly ranked player (by draftnicks) do you expect to fall?
Tony Pauline: 336...Gabe Watson, Lendale White, Charles Gordon

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