McCloughan's takes on the Three Most Likely

Niners' vice president of player personnel Scot McCloughan gives his detailed analysis and breakdown of three top prospects - of whom McCloughan says, "the players themselves, in my own opinion, are impact-type players" - who may be the three most likely players to be selected by San Francisco with its No. 6 overall pick in the first round of the draft on April 29.

On North Carolina State's Mario Williams, considered the best defensive end prospect available in the draft: "To start with Mario Williams, he was 6-7 and change, 299 pounds at his workout. He is a very unique guy from the standpoint he is hardly ever off his feet. For a guy being 6-7 and change, they are getting cut all the time - that is the way those offensive lineman usually get to him he has good enough balance, flexibility and athleticism to stay on his feet, and (his) length helps out tremendously. He has the chance to be special; everybody that has talked about him in the paper has hit on him perfectly. He is a young guy that comes around about once every five to eight years as a pass rusher with the size that can play inside or outside, depending on your defense and how big he finally ends up being when he fully matures."

On Ohio State's A.J. Hawk, considered the best linebacker prospect available: "A.J. Hawk is very unique from the standpoint that he came in there as a not very highly recruited guy, Bobby Carpenter (another linebacker prospect high on the 49ers' board) came in that year and was much more highly recruited. You hate to say that he is self-made because he does have a lot of physical skills that are hard to find and he is a football player through and through. He is your typical Big Ten linebacker that is very intelligent, has tremendous passion for the game, wants to be a good player, knows he is going to be a good player, expects to be a good player and come in day one and start. Not a real vocal leader, he leads more by example and is a guy that you would like to have on your football team. I don't think that you would find one team in the country that would say that at some pick they would not like to have a guy like him on their team. He is that type of football player; he has got the whole package you look for. You'd like him to be a little bit taller, being 6-1 if you want to play him over the tight end, but he is going to be a good player for a while."

On Maryland's Vernon Davis, considered the best tight end prospect available: "Vernon Davis is so unique from a standpoint being 255 pounds and as soon as he comes into any organization that he lands at he has the chance to be the fastest guy on the field. For a guy with that much size and that much power, like coach Nolan was saying you can move him around and get him to match up with linebackers and even safeties and you know from the get-go he is going to win eight out of 10 of those matchups. When you have a tight end that can score from anywhere on the field, that is huge. Everybody says how can you take a tight end that high which nobody wants to, but maybe when it is all said and done and he is your best receiver - you take a playmaker as a receiver - then it gives you some validity right there. The thing that is so impressive is his playing speed; he has so much upside as a blocker with his flexibility in his hips and the power he has to be an exceptional blocker on our level. He can be a guy that not only can change a game by running around making plays and catching the ball and running, but also by being a blocker, and being one of the impact blockers at the tight end position."

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