New OC's influence on Alex

Norv Turner is having a big impact on the development of Alex Smith, just like Turner had with another No. 1 overall draft pick when he tutored Troy Aikman in Dallas. With Turner preparing to leave the 49ers to give Aikman's presentation speech Saturday when Aikman's inducted into the Hall of Fame, Smith talked about what having Turner around has meant to him this year along with related subjects.

On Turner's qualifications to give Aikman's presentation speech: "It speaks a lot of him. It kind of speaks for itself how qualified he is and how much he knows. I'm pretty thankful I get to pick his brain every day. I get to see how he thinks, and I'm going to get to play for him now. It makes you feel good when you see what he's done with a guy like Troy and he's had a lot of success with a lot of quarterbacks."

On what he knows about how Turner has helped other NFL quarterbacks he has worked with: "They've all done pretty well. It's exciting. I think he kind of adapts things to their strengths. Its not cookie cutter, and this is what it is, he's continuing to mold this thing by what you do well."

On how he's responding to Turner's coaching: "It's nice to get yelled at again. He does get after you a little bit it, and it kind of makes me feel like I'm in college again. It's kind of nice. I think I respond well to that. It drives me. It gets me going."

On Turner's understanding about the things he goes through: "I think it's because he's played quarterback and has coached quarterbacks for so long he understands what it's like to be back there. He understands what it's like to be sitting in that pocket."

On his working relationship with Turner: "Those communication lines are open. It's a two-way street there. It's just the way he coaches the quarterbacks - it's so hands on. He's sitting right behind me and he's getting after me. That's what I've been used to. He's very much a teacher, too. He's an easy guy to get comfortable around. He's an open guy making jokes all time, and at the same time, he's a great teacher, a great coach."

On the parallels he sees of how Turner worked with Aikman and now is working with him: "It's very similar in the fact that Troy went two years before he joined up with coach Turner. I think he went through the same thing. Obviously, he'd started a few more games. (Aikman) really struggled those first couple years (before Turner arrived) and they hadn't won a lot of games (so) he might have been banged up a little bit. I need that structure. He really flourished under that. I've seen quite a bit of it in those (film) cutups of everyone (Turner has coached with) - Dolphins, Raiders film, Dallas film, Redskins film, from all the other quarterbacks (Turner has worked with)."

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