The new QB on the block

Wednesday's 49ers practice ended with Gibran Hamdan taking a short drop and firing a dart over the middle between defenders that was perfectly placed into the hands of Delanie Walker at the back of the end zone. That's a glimpse of what the team's newest QB has to offer, and here's a glimpse of what Hamdan had to say - and Mike Nolan had to say about him - after his first practice with the team.

Hamdan, acquired off waivers Tuesday from the Seattle Seahawks, was worked into team drills at the end of practice and got an opportunity to make a few plays, including the touchdown strike to Walker that ended practice.

But with Friday's exhibition season finale against the San Diego Chargers just two days away - and the 49ers not taking the field for practice Thursday to give players a day of rest - it's unlikely that Hamdan earned himself any playing time in that game.

"I don't know that," Nolan said. "I would kind of doubt it. We'll see."

But the first impressions of Hamdan were good, Nolan said.

"He was good," the coach said. "He's got a good arm. He does have some height. I thought he did well, as far as his arm goes. Running off (play) cards is different."

On his plans for Hamdan, Nolan said, "It's like a tryout. That's really it. We put him out there today, and he did some of the ‘show' team, just sit in the pocket and throw the ball, and see how he interacts with the guys and around the guys. We'll bring guys in every Tueseday during the season and try them out, but we'd love to have this kind of tryout, where you stick him in there and do some things with him, whether it would be a defensive back, linebacker, wide receiver, or whatever. We got to do that today. So, we'll see."

On whether Hamdan would possibly figure into the team's practice squad, which will be formed Sunday after all NFL teams make their final cuts Saturday, Nolan said, "Could be. He has that eligibility. There's also some other people that might be interested in him, so he could be a guy that maybe would be on the roster. I'm not looking to keep four quarterbacks. It gives him a chance, too, to see us, and see what we're all about, which I'm always in favor of."

Hamdan looked comfortable and relaxed with his new team - the third NFL team he has been with since being selected in the seventh round of the 2003 draft by the Washington Redskins - as he discussed what happened this summer in Seattle and what he expects to happen with the 49ers.

Here's Hamdan's takes on a few of those topics:

On what happened in Seattle, where some observers felt he was out-performing David Greene for the team's No. 3 job: "I wish I had the answer. I was pleased with the performance I put forward and my opportunities in training camp, I really was. I didn't get a chance to play in the preseason, which has kind of been my thing while I've been there. I went my first four preseason games last year without playing. This year I got four minutes against the Colts. They're smarter than I am. It's their organization and they have to make their decisions about what's best for their organization. I was very happy and I'm comfortable that I can lay my head down at night knowing that I put forth a very good performance in training camp. I wish I would have gotten a little more opportunity in a preseason game just to show what I could do. Especially coming off my year in NFL Europe (where Hamdan was league MVP)."

On what he hopes to accomplish with the 49ers: "I really don't hope anymore. I'm really thankful that I'm playing football for a living still. Because yesterday I wasn't. I got to throw a football around today, hang around with a great group of quarterbacks, meet some new coaches. Just one day at a time. I've been around this thing too long to start thinking about a number or (goals) or anything like that. Just go out and play if they give you a chance. And if you play, play well."

On whether he assumes he'll be on somebody's practice squad by next week if he doesn't stick with the 49ers: "Again, after being around, I don't assume anything. I would think that being the NFL Europe MVP, the second-best football league in the world, I would think somebody would at least give me an opportunity somewhere. And I'm thankful San Francisco already has. You have to stay positive and believe that you'll get a chance to play."

On how it felt to wing the football around for the first time with the 49ers on Wednesday: "Yeah, I can wing it. I love playing football, and I think football is football when it comes down to it. Obviously, it's going to be a big process learning the offense. The three (quarterbacks) here are outstanding guys and I know Trent (Dilfer) from past experiences with Matthew (Hasselbeck). He's first-class, one of the best guys to learn from in the game, I think. I've heard great things of Shaun (Hill) from buddies that have played with him in Minnesota and stuff. And Alex (Smith) is obviously a young guy with a lot of talent, so I'm just fortunate to be around guys like that, and maybe I can learn something."

On whether he expects to see any playing time Friday: "Up until the Indianapolis Colts game, the second game of this preseason (Aug. 20), I'd gone 12 preseason games without playing (since his rookie season in 2003), for whatever reason. And I don't have the answer for that. So if they want to throw me in the game, I'm running in and I'm throwing the ball around. But obviously, there has to be a comfort level from their standpoint."

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