Niners' pass rush in need of more Moore

Brandon Moore, a player without a true position on the San Francisco defense, was the 49ers' most effective edge pass rusher in last week's season opener, even though he didn't start the game against Arizona. The 49ers plan to continue to use the fifth-year linebacker in a variety of roles Sunday against the St. Louis Rams as San Francisco looks for ways to pump up its pass rush.

Here's what Moore had to say this week about how he expects to be used against the Rams, along with his takes on several other subjects surrounding the San Francisco defense and his development as a pass rusher.

On the continuing uncertainty of his role: "I think for this week I'll be doing stuff on the outside a little bit. Just a little bit. I just take it in stride. It's one of those things where the more you can do, the more opportunities, the more chances you get to show what you can do. So you can either frown about it or be thankful for it."

On entering the NFL as a middle linebacker but developing into an edge rusher with the 49ers: "I started in college, but I don't think I really developed an ability to really do it until I got here. I started out in college at outside linebacker Then I was moved inside, then I was back outside and I finished outside. I did some pass rushing but not as much as I do here. I've learned from a lot of the players who were around here, from a lot of the coaches who have been through here, different ways to get better at it. I got an opportunity to play (on the edge) and I guess I just wanted to make the most of it. Most of the rushes I had (last week) were against their right tackle, but we used a number of different things and a number of different stunts - stuff like that."

On the different opportunities he is getting in San Francisco's defensive schemes: "I appreciate that. Going into these upcoming weeks, the more opportunities you get, the more things I'll be able to do and the more I'll show my own abilities. They're giving me a chance to show that now."

On where he learned his pass-rushing skills since entering the NFL: "I learned from guys like Julian (Peterson), Andre (Carter), B.Y. (Bryant Young), Dana Stubblefield and a number of defensive linemen that have been in and out of here.You take what you can use from each of them. Andre's hand skills were very good, and Julian's get off was pretty good. You take what you can use. You see what works for them and why it works and then you try to tailor it your own needs. Stubby was real quick inside, believe it or not. He was hard for a lot of offensive linemen to handle, even the larger linemen."

On how he feels about continuing to play in situational roles: "I would like to play every down. That's ultimately my goal. Where the defense is and where I'm at, maybe I am a situational player right now. However I can help, however I can be of use to help us win, that's how I feel right now."

On how important an effective pass rush is in San Francisco improving defensively: "I think it's a key, one of the main components in a pass defense. If you don't have an effective rush, it doesn't matter how good your defensive backfield is. They're going to complete passes and it really limits you in the things that you can call and the things that you can do, and it limits the coaches. It's very important."

On getting good pressure with a four-man rush: "The more effective you are at using a four-man rush, the more effective you are at playing pass defense because you've got seven guys out to defend their five receivers. Its just a situation where the less people you have on the rush the better you are in pass coverage."

On the development of rookie Manny Lawson: "Manny is an excellent pass rusher. He might be a lot better than I am I just think he's still trying to get comfortable with everything that is going on around him right now. (Last week) was only his first game and he has a long season to improve and be successful."

On how he has become San Francisco's top pass-rushing threat: "The success I've had is in direct correlation to me lining up next to Bryant Young. Offenses are definitely going to be aware of where he is and be aware of what he is doing, which kind of leaves me on an island. (Moore gets single blocking) because they were attentive to (Young)."

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