From the locker room

What the 49ers and Rams were saying late Sunday afternoon after San Francisco's 20-13 victory at Monster Park.

"There are things you hide in the preseason, and we were hiding all of our sacks. Not to make humor anymore, but when you get into the season, you do more scheming. I don't like to get too much credit for scheming, but I do have to credit our assistant coaches for doing an outstanding job in that area. It certainly does show. The fact of the matter is that coaches are doing a good job of scheming our opponents and along with that, we have some individual players who are doing some good things." --- 49ers coach Mike Nolan

"It always feels good to win no matter what. Being in the league for a year now, I've learned that wins are hard to come by. A lot of effort goes into these and a lot of people are working hard for this, so you've got to enjoy them when you can get them. It gives you a little bit of confidence knowing that when you do have big-play potential, if you are down, you are only one or two plays to get back into the game. I think it's something we'll continue to try to get better and better at. We do have some playmakers that have big-play potential and we'll continue to work on getting better." --- 49ers quarterback Alex Smith

"I think they played pretty darn well. I think sometimes it's a combination between them playing well and us not executing good enough. We had opportunities … But we have to take accountability for it, and we've got to get better than we are now. But the NFL season is a long season. We went on the road and didn't take care of business on our first road game, and now we've got to go back and see what we are doing and try to get better next week." --- Rams coach Scott Linehan

"We've overcome one obstacle, now we have several more to overcome. St. Louis has a ton of weapons from their receiver corps to the running backs corps to the tight end corps. All their quarterback really has to do if we don't get pressure is stand in there and pop it to one of them, because they're going to be open and that's how good their quarterback is also. So our job was to really get after him, try to his ruffle his feathers a little bit and try to make him make mistakes, and that's what we did. It's huge. It's really all of us seeing what we can do together as a team, and all our hard work is paying off." --- 49ers linebacker Manny Lawson

"We came out in the second half, and Maurice Hicks and special teams gave us a good return. At that point, I told myself that it was my time. I put us in a bad situation by losing the ball, but the offensive line and my coaches told me to just be myself. I did, and I tried to redeem myself by playing hard. I think I played pretty well, but I have to learn from my mistakes. If I play hard, keep working and put us in good situations, we'll be alright." ---49ers running back Frank Gore

"We're moving the ball well, but not finishing drives. That makes a huge difference. When your offense only scores 13 points, you're not getting the type of production you need. We didn't help the defense much. We've got to do better. The bottom line is that we're not making enough plays. We just missed on two or three passes that could have made a major difference." --- Rams quarterback Marc Bulger

"I think we took a step forward today. Everybody was communicating and getting on the same page and we were able to get the rush when we needed it. There's a lot to be learned from this today. By no means have we arrived; we still have a lot of work ahead of us. But we did some good things and hopefully we can continue to build on them. We knew they're a good football team and how important it was for us to go out and make things happen and play together as a defense, and that was huge." --- 49ers defensive end Bryant Young

"They made big plays and we didn't. We drove the ball well at times but negative plays put us in tough positions. When you lose yardage and give up sacks, you get into third-and-long situations. There aren't too many too effective play calls on third-and-15." --- Rams offensive guard Adam Timmerman

"I'm very animated. I would probably be the most animated character out there if I was a cartoon. It wasn't the fact that I wasn't getting the ball because I'm going to get the ball. It's just the fact that I like to score touchdowns and we were kicking too many field goals. Every time we practice, we don't kick field goals at the end of it, we go in and score. That's what I like to see us do and it was frustrating because we had the capabilities to do that but we weren't accomplishing our goals to the task at hand. We got things to work on." --- 49ers receiver Antonio Bryant

"They are definitely much improved on offense. When it comes down to it, they are a much different team and are going to come with it week in and week out. This (NFC West) division is definitely up for grabs. Every team is vying for that spot. Every team in this division has improved from last year." --- Rams linebacker Will Witherspoon

"We have a new coaching staff and everyone is trying to get acclimated to a lot of new things. Then we have injuries up front to throw off our rhythm that we have been working on. There's just some things you need to overcome when you are playing on the road, and the injuries didn't help." --- Rams running back Steven Jackson

"Our offense is working to be better. We do some good things but there are things we can do a lot better. You can see that buy us getting in the red zone and sometimes not converting. Those things we can work on and be better at them. That's good because don't want to be exactly where you need to be right now, or else you wont' have too much to work towards. --- 49ers receiver Antonio Bryant

"This is huge. Not just defensively, but as a team. We needed this win, and we knew at the end of the Arizona game how good we could be. There were some good and bad things out there today, but I think collectively, we played well. There is room for improvement, but I'm excited about this win at home because that's important. Overall, we did a good job and we got the job done." --- 49ers cornerback Walt Harris

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