Reid's takes

Philadelphia coach Andy Reid talks Eagles and 49ers and discusses several subjects surrounding the two teams and their game Sunday at San Francisco's Monster Park.

On his first priority following Sunday's loss: "To see our mistakes and move on. I told our media today that we got all that done on Monday and everything is about the 49ers right now."

On moving forward without a lingering effect: "We'll see on Sunday. We're playing a real good football team and we have to prepare ourselves properly."

On if he notices a significant improvement in the 49ers from last year: "It's Coach Nolan's second year, and I think he's done a heck of a job of improving the team in one year. They are playing very aggressive, flying around and making plays on the ball. The offensive line is protecting and their skill players are playing well."

On WR Donte' Stallworth: "He's a good football player. He was a good football player in New Orleans. He's a smart kid, he's fast quick and he has good hands."

On being able to get Donte' into the offense so quickly: "We were fortunate that he had some experience in the west coast style offense, so the terminology wasn't completely new to him. He was able to recall the information, get in there and be productive."

On Donovan McNabb and Donte' Stallworth building a connection: "Yes they do. They work together everyday after practice and on their days off too."

On the parallels between himself and McNabb in their second year ('99) versus Nolan and Smith in year two: "It sure looks like their heading in the right direction that way. I'd be able to tell you just like you'd be able to write it better after this year. I've got a lot of respect for those guys and they are doing a great job right now."

On losing Jevon Kearse: "He's a heck of a football player and probably a better person. He's a great guy and nobody wanted to see that happen. On the other hand we're fortunate enough to have LB/DE Trent Cole here where he can step in and play. He's a pretty effective player, and he got a chance to start for us last year so we're fortunate in that. You're never going to replace a Jovan Kearse, but hopefully we can get as close as we can to it."

On if CB Joselio Hanson will start and what he has shown you: "We'll see how CB Rod Hood does during the week. He showed some toughness and consistency. He made plays on the ball during training camp during both practice and in the games and he earned himself a spot on this football team."

On his challenges his first year and how they got easier in his second: "You're trying to establish a certain mind set that first year you're trying to get guys to trust the system that you are presenting to them. That takes a little bit of time, and you have to prove your worth. Once guys buy into it good things will happen and that's what's happening with Coach Nolan."

On if Donovan's injury last year led to the signing of Jeff Garcia: "You try to find the best players at each position that we are able to get. Jeff fit into that category. He's a Pro Bowl player who has won a lot of games in the National Football League. We felt privileged to get him here."

On 49ers QB Alex Smith: "Alex - number one, he was a very good football player in college, obviously so, because he was picked with the first pick. He went through a learning experience last year but he has [49ers offensive coordinator] Norv Turner in there this year and Norv is a great developer of young quarterbacks. Alex is a smart kid and very athletic. He is getting good coaching and he is a sharp player on top of that. That's the way he is playing right now. He's gotten better each week here and playing good football."

On what is the most important thing a young QB like Alex Smith needs: "I think coaching is important, the system is important and have a good head on your shoulders, and some athletic ability. I think he has that around him."

On whether he is concerned with his secondary situation for Sunday and whether he thinks the 49ers will attack that: "I would expect them to do that, but that is the challenge for our secondary, to step up and take care of business there. That's why they are on this football team, to do that. They'll prepare themselves this week and get themselves ready to go."

On 49ers RB Frank Gore and WR Antonio Bryant: "Both of them are playing good football right now. They're young, aggressive guys and when Gore was healthy he was a real fine player in college but he ended up getting hurt. He stayed healthy now the last couple years and is a very aggressive player."

On whether the tape from last year's game against the 49ers is still useable: "There are some things you can use. There are some of the same personnel there and I'm sure they'll be looking at us, at our tape from last year also. And we're looking at them."

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