Edwards on the offensive

Herman Edwards, off to a 0-2 start in his first season as Kansas City coach, talks Chiefs and 49ers and gives his takes on several subjects regarding the two teams and Sunday's game at Arrowhead Stadium.

On if the Terrell Owens situation makes him glad he is not the Cowboys head coach: "I don't know about that. Obviously it's an unfortunate incident and at this point no one knows the details of the situation. It will get some clarity shortly, and hopefully everything will work out."

On if he has had to change the offense much with the QB change of Green to Huard: "We've changed it a little bit to try and play to Damon's strengths. I thought for the most part that last week he did a pretty good job of orchestrating some things in Denver that we felt would make him and us successful. We didn't quite get it done in the end, we had an opportunity to move the ball into field goal range before the end of the game and we couldn't get it done."

On Damon Huard's strengths: "I think he is a very accurate guy who makes some good throws in certain combinations of routes. He's got good command of the huddle, and he's a journeyman. He's been a guy who has played a lot of football, and he's been a back up so he's been in this role. He understands that when he comes in, he's got to manage the game in a sense where we don't want him to turn the ball over, or try to do things that he can't do. I think he understands that, and that's the good thing about having a veteran guy like that."

On if there is any urgency being 0-2: "There is obviously some urgency when you are sitting at 0-2. After your first two ball games you don't feel very good about it, but it's a long season and I've been through these things before. Where you lose a quarterback early, and you don't start off like you'd like to. If you keep playing, and getting better, which I think we've done in the last two weeks, you'll have some chances to win some games."

On when QB Trent Green will return: "That's a good question. At this point it's week-to-week and I know that he won't participate this week."

On Arrowhead Stadium and what makes it so tough to play in: "I think it's the atmosphere and the fans that do a great job with getting into the game. That's the tradition here where it's kind of like a college atmosphere when you come into this place. It can be very loud, especially if we're playing well. If we're not playing well, it won't be. Traditionally, it's been a great venue to play in. I think visiting teams love coming here because of the atmosphere."

On if Arrowhead is the loudest out door stadium when they are playing well: "It's one of them, if not the one. I was here back in the early 90's, I can here after I left San Jose State, and then went on to Tampa Bay. It's a venue that is very loud, there's no doubt about it. It was built that way, and it's unique that way being that it's an out door stadium, yet very loud."

On if the pre-game activities add to the experience: "Yes, that adds to the flavor, there is no doubt about it. You can smell it in the parking lot."

On his impressions of the 49ers offense and QB Alex Smith: "I think Norv Turner has done a great job with Alex. He's starting to understand his role and what he's being asked to do. They've got big play potential and I think they are third in the league in big plays. They have 11 plays of 20 yards or more, and average 40. When they throw the ball in four plays over 20, they average about 27 rushing. They are an offense that has some weapons. Their quarterback does a great job of getting the ball down the field and they are a good play action team that is also a power team when it comes to running the ball. That's Norv's trademark where he is going to run the ball, then play action pass on you. They also do shifts in formation. They are doing a great job and I think they are vastly improved from last year."

On Chiefs OG Will Shields: "He's a true pro, and is a professional in everything he does. Whether it's the off-field things he does with charity, being around his team mates, his preparation to play or practice. I was fortunate where I was here on the staff when we drafted him from Nebraska. I remember how he was as a rookie, and he really hasn't changed a lot. To be quite honest, he's played all these years and all these games have gone by, and he's still a very solid guy. He's a pro, and he enjoys playing the game of football. He's good to have on this team because he leads by example. He's not a rah-rah kind of guy but when he speaks everyone listens."

On if he will match up against Bryant Young during the game: "He might. They use Bryant outside at end at times, and there will be sometimes where he will be stunting on the inside. Yes, I could see that. That's a good match up. Bryant's another guy who has been in the league for a long time with the 49ers. He's been a great player too. He's been in that organization for a long time and he's an ultimate pro."

On if defenses have caught up with highly skilled tight ends or are they still a focal point of the offense: "No, I think tight ends still pose a problem for defenses. They always do because of the shifts and the motions where you can get mismatches with tight ends. He's going to run most of his routes inside the hash marks to the inside of the hedge numbers. The 49ers have one in Eric Johnson I know that Vernon Davis got hurt. Eric Johnson has done a good job where he can catch, and he's very smart. He knows where to maneuver in zones, can get big when he goes to catch the ball, and gets guys off of him. Tight ends have always been a difficult challenge in this league. Especially when you get those guys that you can create a mismatch with."

On what he has done to rectify the tackling issues the Chiefs had in 2005: "We acquired two guys in James Reed, who was with us in New York, and Ron Edwards who was in Buffalo. Obviously we have the guys who were here, and for the most part we're rotating them out pretty good. They are doing a pretty good job of it so far. We're still improving on defense we got a long way to go. The first two games we've played half way decent, but we got to do so."

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