Bryant promises no more emotional outbursts

Receiver Antonio Bryant threw his hands in the air when 49ers quarterback Alex Smith either did not throw his way or the pass was off-target. Then, Bryant vented to 49ers receivers coach Jerry Sullivan, and the scene was captured by television cameras. Even though his actions came in an early season victory against the Rams, Bryant's antics became the focus. No longer, Bryant said.

"I may say one thing for a particular reason but I have to take into account that other people might not take it that way," Bryant said. "So I don't have anything to say. The only thing I'm going to do is play football."

When asked if this might take away from the emotion that makes him such a good player, Bryant said he will still play with the same fire.

"It's not about being emotional," Bryant said. "Like I told coach, you don't have to worry about me being motivated. I'm not one of the people you have to motivate. I'm one of the people you have to calm down. As we go through the week, I'm not working on getting motivated. I'm working on calming down. I'll already be excited. I was born excited."

Bryant promised no more emotional outbursts during games because he said he did not want to attract negative attention. Although he said he never "showed up" his quarterback, he decided the best course of action was to avoid providing any fodder for people who wanted to interpret his actions.

Bryant remained under control in the 49ers' 41-0 loss Sunday to the Chiefs in a game that might have warranted a few outbursts. Afterward, Bryant was found stretched out on the floor in front of his locker trying to take a nap. Bryant said he wanted to fall asleep so he could wake up from the nightmare of the 49ers' horrendous performance.

"There were plenty of opportunities for me to go crazy and go off. But it wouldn't change the outcome," Bryant said. "Definitely, if I would've said something or reacted in a certain way people would try to blow that up and the attention wouldn't have been on us getting our (rear ends) kicked 41-0. The attention would've been on Antonio Bryant showing Alex up or Antonio is doing this or that. That's what would've been the headline and the stories."

Bryant would rather let his play do the talking for him. That hasn't been so easy the past two weeks, when he has been relatively quiet after beginning his career with the 49ers emphatically.

Bryant had eight receptions for 245 yards and led the NFL with a 30.6 average after two games, but he has been limited to six receptions for 65 yards in San Francisco's past two games.

Still, he has not created waves while both he and the 49ers were knocked down a few rungs over the past two weeks. Despite averaging 32.5 receiving yards over the past two weeks, Bryant still ranks 15th in the NFL with 310 yards receiving, and his 22.1 average is better than any of the 14 receivers listed ahead of him. He's the only receiver with fewer than 15 receptions that's listed among the league's top 20 in receiving yards.

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