Scenes from an exhibition gone overtime

Observations and impressions from the 49ers' 17-14 preseason loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday night:

--- That was a pretty weak pass thrown by rookie Brandon Doman in overtime, particularly with his back to his own end zone.

--- Terrell Owens is powerful magic. Who else could take a short crossing pattern like that and push off defenders while breaking five tackles to complete a 71-yard catch-and-run into the end zone?

--- Garrison Hearst doesn't look better than Kevan Barlow, but he does look good enough to keep his starting role as the team's featured tailback.

--- That said, Hearst is going to have a difficult time keeping Barlow off the field this season.

--- Tim Rattay definitely is looking better now that he's getting some live game experience, but after two preseason games, the jury still is very much out on whether he can hold up this season as a legitimate No. 2 quarterback.

--- Jamie Winborn banging an opposing quarterback on a blitz. We could be seeing a lot of that this season.

--- We think we'd like to see a little more of what Nate Jackson can do the rest of this preseason.

--- Safety Tony Parrish looks pretty comfortable playing near the line of scrimmage.

--- Once a staple of their West Coast Offense, the Niners really must start perfecting the art of their screen passes a little more often.

--- Yes, that's the kind of effort J.J. Stokes has been putting forth - and the kind of catches he has been making - since training camp began.

--- That shuffled offensive line didn't look too bad beating the Chiefs to the punch at the line of scrimmage.

--- Saladin McCullough is a good tailback who is in training camp with the wrong team.

--- Looks like Sean Moran will be adding something to the pass rush this season, after all.

--- Saleem Rasheed has speed. That rhymes, and it's also something that might get him on the field with the team's other four "starting" linebackers more often than originally anticipated.

--- We continue to believe Jimmy Williams is beating out Rashad Holman in the battle to be the team's No. 4 cornerback.

--- Fullback Fred Beasley won't be seeing many balls coming his way this season if he can't hold onto short dump passes that are right in his hands.

--- Chike Okeafor, we definitely look forward to seeing more of you on the field this season.

--- Jeff Chandler's first outing in the tricky winds at Candlestick Point certainly couldn't have been what anybody had hoped for.

--- That's an 0-2 start to the preseason. Oh, well. The Niners went 1-3 last summer, and then look what happened.



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