Fresh Brees in New Orleans

New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees enters Sunday's game against the 49ers having passed for 1,954 yards in the Saints' past five games - the most passing yards by a quarterback over any five-game stretch in NFL history. Here, Brees talks Saints and 49ers and gives his takes on several subjects regarding the two teams, along with the mood of a rebuilding city in his first season with New Orleans.

On his impressions of the 49ers defense: "Their defense has played pretty well over the past four weeks. They are playing with a lot of confidence. It's going to be a big challenge for us. They do a good job of forcing turnovers and obviously for us our goal is to not turn the ball over. I just see a defense that has kind of come together and played well these past few weeks."

On 49ers cornerback Walt Harris: "He's a veteran corner who has played a lot of football. He's very experienced, and you can tell that he is one of those leaders in the secondary. He's definitely a guy who we have to have a plan for where he is."

On his success over the last few weeks: "I think we are doing a lot of great things with the offense and it's a combination of what we are doing play-calling wise. Coach Payton has done a great job of putting us in position to succeed and spread the ball around. Getting everybody and keeping everybody involved and keeping defenses off balance, and obviously its working."

On if this season is the most fun he's had in his career: "Yeah, I'm having a lot of fun, so it's safe to say that."

On the mood of the city of New Orleans with the team's success: "Everybody is going crazy out here. They are just happy to have the Saints back in town. Everyone is still in that rebuilding process so it's just one thing to help take their minds off the daily struggles of trying to get their lives back in order. It continues to give them hope and lift their spirits when the team does well."

On if the team's success is an added burden on the team: "We don't look at it like a burden. We look at it like a great opportunity and kind of a responsibility for us. Just to be able to give our fans and the community what they deserve."

On living in the university/ garden city district: "It's the university district uptown, but it's right next to the garden district. I love it. We are right in the middle of everything, its right in the heart of New Orleans. We felt like it was important to live there to show that we are throwing ourselves into this community. We really see ourselves as wanting to be a big part of this community."

On to what he attributes his productivity: "I think everything is just starting to come together. We've been in this offense long enough that I really trust the guys who I'm throwing to. I think that the receivers and the offensive line is doing a great job, and obviously coach Payton is utilizing the strengths of everyone on offense. I feel like we are playing with a lot of confidence."

On the presence of Reggie Bush opening up the offense: "He definitely has. He's obviously a guy who has to be reckoned with. We are able to spread him around in the running game or the passing game and give him opportunities to put the ball in his hands. You have to know where he is on the field."

On if there is any linebacker in the NFL that can cover Bush: "Heck no, not a linebacker."

On his favorite restaurant in New Orleans: "Yeah, I have lots of them. Lots of favorite restaurants, you name them, I like them. Spragos, K. Pauls, Emeralds, there are a lot of them."

On how rookie wide receiver Marques Colston and how fell to the seventh round: "I have no idea. I don't think any of us saw what he was going to be until midway through training camp. It took a while, but once he started coming around he got exponentially better everyday. It was amazing to see him each day. The more responsibility we gave him, the game never got too big for him. He continued to take on responsibility, and get better and better. It was really kind of neat to watch him develop."

On completing a Hail Mary pass for a touchdown last week: "No, not since street ball when I was nine years old. Never in a legitimate game, it usually gets picked off. It's nice when one of your guys brings it down."

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