Niners right back on coaching carousel

Here it is the middle of February, and the 49ers are right back on the coaching carousel as Mike Singletary just interviewed with the San Diego Chargers for their vacant head coaching position and Norv Turner is scheduled to. Here is a log of coaching changes throughout the NFL since the beginning of the offseason through today:

49ERS - Jan. 3: Fired: Defensive coordinator Billy Davis; DL coach Gary Emanuel. Jan. 11: Re-signed: Special teams coordinator Larry Mac Duff (Texas). Jan. 16: Named: Jim Tomsula (Rhein, NFLE '06), DL coach. Jan. 17: Named: Al Everest (Saints '05), special teams coordinator. Feb. 1: Named: Greg Manusky (Chargers '06), defensive coordinator.

ARIZONA - Jan. 1: Fired: Head coach Dennis Green; TE coach Carl Hargrave; DB coach Richard Solomon; special teams coach Gary Zauner; strength and conditioning coach Steve Wetzel. Jan. 15: Named: Ken Whisenhunt (Steelers '06), head coach. Jan. 17: Fired: Offensive coordinator Mike Kruczek; DL coach Larry Brooks. Jan. 18: Named: Teryl Austin (Seahawks '06), DB coach. Jan. 19: Named: Billy Davis (49ers '06), LB coach; Kevin Spencer (Steelers '06), special teams coach); John Lott (Browns '06), strength and conditioning coach. Fired: Assistant head coach/LB coach Frank Bush. Jan. 23: Named: Russ Grimm (Steelers '06), assistant head coach/OL coach. Fired: OL coach Steve Loney; WR coach Mike Wilson. Jan. 25: Named: Todd Haley (Cowboys '06), offensive coordinator. Retained: Defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast. Jan. 29: Named: Maurice Carthon (Browns '06), RB coach; Richie Anderson (Jets '06), TE coach. Fired: RB coach Kirby Wilson (Steelers). Feb. 9: Named: Jeff Rutledge (Montgomery Bell Academy-Nashville '06), QB coach; TE coach Richie Anderson, WR coach; Freddie Kitchens (Cowboys '06), TE coach; defensive quality control coach Rick Courtright, assistant DB coach; Mike Miller (Berlin-NFLE '06, Steelers '05), offensive assistant; Matt Raich (Steelers '06), defensive quality control coach. Fired: Offensive quality control coach Bill Khayat; strength and conditioning coach Daryl Lawrence. Feb. 14: Named: Ron Aiken (Iowa '06), DL coach. Retained: Assistant strength and conditioning coach Keith Vulgamott.

ATLANTA - Jan. 1: Fired: Head coach Jim Mora. Jan. 7: Named: Bobby Petrino (Louisville '06), head coach. Jan. 8: Resigned: Special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillas (Jaguars). Jan. 9: Retained: QB coach Bill Musgrave; RB coach Ollie Wilson; DB coach Emmitt Thomas. Jan. 15: Named: Hue Jackson (Bengals '06), offensive coordinator); Mike Zimmer (Cowboys '06), defensive coordinator; Brian VanGorder (Georgia Southern '06, Jaguars '05), LB coach. Jan. 17: Named: Paul Petrino (Louisville '06), WR coach; Mike Summers (Louisville '06), OL coach; Keith Rowen (Cardinals '06), TE coach; Derrick Nix (Southern Mississippi '06), offensive assistant; Andy Sugarman (Lions '05), quality control offense coach; Kevin Wolthausen (Louisville '06), DL coach; Joe Whitt Jr. (Louisville '06), assistant DL coach; Joe Gannon (Louisville '06), quality control defense coach; Tom McMahon (Louisville '06), assistant special teams coach; Evan Marcus (Virginia '06, Saints '02), strength and conditioning coach. Jan. 22: Named: Jerry Rosburg (Browns '06), special teams coordinator; Dave Puloka (Virginia '06), assistant strength and conditioning coach. Retained: Assistant strength and conditioning coach Billy "White Shoes" Johnson.

BALTIMORE - Jan. 15: Named: QB coach Rick Neuheisel, offensive coordinator.

BUFFALO - Jan. 29: Resigned: Assistant OL coach Larry Zierlein (Steelers). Feb. 6: Named: Sean Kugler (Boise State '06), assistant OL coach.

CAROLINA - Jan. 15: Fired: Offensive coordinator Dan Henning; OL coach Mike Maser; DB coach Rod Perry. Jan. 19: Named: Tim Lewis (Giants '06), DB coach. Jan. 23: Named: Jeff Davidson (Browns '06), offensive coordinator; TE coach Dave Magazu, OL coach.

CHICAGO - Feb. 8: Fired: DL coach Don Johnson; assistant OL coach Harold Goodwin. Resigned: Offensive quality control coach Mike Bajakian (Central Michigan).

CINCINNATI - Jan. 15: Resigned: WR coach Hue Jackson (Falcons). Jan. 16: Named: Mike Sheppard (Saints '05), WR coach.

CLEVELAND - Jan. 5: Fired: WR coach Terry Robiskie; TE coach Ben Coates; quality control offense coach Carl Crennel II; strength and conditioning coach John Lott. Jan. 20: Named: Rob Chudzinski (Chargers '06), offensive coordinator. Jan. 23: Named: Alfredo Roberts (Jaguars '06), TE coach. Resigned: Special teams coach Jerry Rosburg (Falcons); offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson (Panthers). Jan. 29: Named: Steve Marshall (Texans '05), OL coach; Tom Myslinski (University of Pittsburgh '06; Browns '04); Alan DeGennaro (University of Pittsburgh '01). Jan. 30: Named: QB coach Rip Scherer, assistant head coach/QB coach; Anthony Lynn (Cowboys '06), RB coach; RB coach Dave Atkins, senior offensive assistant; Ted Daisher (Raiders '06), special teams coach. Feb. 1: Named: Wes Chandler (Vikings '05), WR coach; defensive quality control coach Cory Undlin, DB/assistant special teams coach. Feb. 9: Named: Mike Sullivan (Western Michigan '06, Browns '04), assistant OL coach; Frank Verducci (Bills '05), offensive assistant. Fired: OL coach Jeff Uhlenhake.

DALLAS - Jan. 15: Resigned: Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer (Falcons). Jan. 17: Resigned: Quality control offense coach David Lee (Arkansas). Jan. 19: Resigned: Special teams coach Bruce DeHaven (Seahawks). Jan. 22: Resigned: Head coach Bill Parcells. Jan. 25: Named: Jason Garrett (Dolphins '06), offensive coordinator. Resigned: passing game coordinator/WR coach Todd Haley (Cardinals). Jan. 29: Resigned: S coach Mike MacIntyre (Jets). Jan. 30: Resigned: RB coach Anthony Lynn (Browns). Jan. 31: Resigned: QB coach Chris Palmer (Giants). Feb. 8: Named: Wade Phillips (Chargers '06), head coach. Feb. 9: Resigned: TE coach Freddie Kitchens (Cardinals). Feb. 13: Named: Wes Phillips (Baylor '06), offensive quality control coach; Dat Nguyen (Cowboys player '05), defensive quality control/assistant LB coach. Fired: ILB coach Vincent Brown. Feb. 14: Named: Ray Sherman (Titans '06), WR coach; John Garrett (Univ. of Virginia '06), TE coach.

DENVER - Jan. 9: Fired: Defensive coordinator Larry Coyer. Jan. 10: Fired: DL/DT coach Andre Patterson. Jan. 10: Named: Jim Bates (Packers '05), assistant head coach/defense; DB coach Bob Slowik, defensive coordinator. Jan. 16: Resigned: TE coach Tim Brewster (U. of Minnesota). Jan. 18: Named: Bill Johnson (Falcons '06), DL coach. Jan. 29: Named: Joe Baker (Rams '06), LB coach; Scott O'Brien (Dolphins '06), special teams coach; special teams coach Ronnie Bradford, assistant DB coach. Resigned: Assistant special teams coach Thomas McGaughey (Jets). Fired: LB coach Kirk Doll. Feb. 6: Named: Assistant head coach Mike Heimerdinger, assistant head coach/offensive coordinator; QB coach Pat McPherson, TE coach; offensive assistant Jeremy Bates, WR/assistant QB coach; WR coach Steve Watson, associate head coach; assistant DB coach Jimmy Spencer, DB coach; defensive assistant Ryan Slowik, defensive assistant/assistant special teams coach.

DETROIT - Jan. 2: Named: Special teams assistant Stan Kwan, special teams coach. Fired: Defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson; OL coach Larry Beightol. Retired: Special teams coach Chuck Priefer. Jan. 3: Named: Joe Barry (Buccaneers '06), defensive coordinator. Jan. 29: Named: Jim Colletto (UCLA '06, Raiders '05), OL coach. Jan. 31: Named: Sam Gash (Jets '06), assistant special teams coach.

GREEN BAY - Jan. 1: Resigned: Offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski (Boston College). Jan. 15: Named: OL coach Joe Philbin, offensive coordinator; assistant OL coach James Campen, OL coach; OL assistant Jerry Fontenot, assistant OL coach; LB coach Winston Moss, assistant head coach/defense.

HOUSTON - Jan. 2: Resigned: Offensive coordinator/QB coach Troy Calhoun (Air Force). Jan. 17: Named: Assistant head coach/offense Mike Sherman, assistant head coach, offensive coordinator; WR coach Kyle Shanahan, QB coach. Jan. 22: Named: Jethro Franklin (Buccaneers '06), DL coach; Larry Kirksey (Middle Tennessee '06; Broncos '04), WR coach. Fired: DL coach Bob Karmelowicz. Jan. 24: Named: Frank Bush (Cardinals '06), senior defensive assistant.

INDIANAPOLIS - Feb. 8: Resigned: Special assistant to the head coach/DB coach Leslie Frazier (Vikings). Feb. 9: Resigned: Defensive quality control coach Diron Reynolds (Dolphins).

JACKSONVILLE - Jan. 2: Fired: Offensive coordinator Carl Smith; QB coach Ken Anderson; WR coach Steve Walters; special teams coordinator Pete Rodriguez; special teams assistant Mark Michaels. Jan. 8: Named: Dirk Koetter (Arizona State '06), offensive coordinator; Joe DeCamillas (Falcons '06), special teams coordinator. Jan. 23: Resigned: TE coach Alfred Roberts (Browns). Jan. 25: Named: Mike Shula (Alabama '06, Dolphins '02), QB coach. Feb. 6: Named: Robert Prince (Falcons '06), assistant WR coach. Feb. 8: Named: Assistant head coach/offense Mike Tice, assistant head coach/offense/TE coach; Todd Monken (Louisiana State '06), WR coach; Tom Williams (San Jose State '06), assistant special teams coach.

KANSAS CITY - Jan. 12: Fired: QB coach Terry Shea. Feb. 5: Named: Assistant to the head coach/offense Dick Curl, QB coach.

MIAMI - Jan. 1: Resigned: TE coach Derek Dooley (Louisiana Tech). Jan. 3: Resigned: Head coach Nick Saban. Jan. 5: Fired: Coordinator of football operations Scott O'Brien. Jan. 10: Resigned: S coach Kirby Smart (Alabama). Jan. 12: Resigned: Assistant special teams coach Bo Davis (Alabama). Jan. 19: Named: Cam Cameron (Chargers '06, head coach; special assistant to the head coach Dom Capers, defensive coordinator. Jan. 22: Retained: OL coach Hudson Houck. Fired: Assistant head coach/WR coach Charlie Baggett; strength and conditioning coach Bert Hill. Jan. 24: Named: Terry Robiskie (Browns '06), WR coach; Brett Maxie (Falcons '06), S coach; DB coach Mel Phillips, CB coach; special teams coach Keith Armstrong, special teams coordinator. Jan. 25: Resigned: QB coach Jason Garrett (Cowboys). Feb. 1: Fired: DL coach Dan Quinn. Feb. 9: Named: Diron Reynolds (Colts '06), DL coach; Matt Schiotz (Chargers '06), strength and conditioning coach. Feb. 12: Named: Steve Hoffman (Falcons '06), assistant special teams coach. Retained: RB coach Bobby Williams; assistant OL coach Tim Davis; LB coach George Edwards; OLB coach Travis Jones; defensive quality control coach Glenn Pires. Fired: Offensive quality control coach James Coley.

MINNESOTA - Jan. 17: Named: George Stewart (Falcons '06), WR coach. Fired: WR coach Darrell Wyatt. Jan. 22: Resigned: Defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin (Steelers). Feb. 8: Named: Leslie Frazier (Colts '06), defensive coordinator.

N.Y GIANTS - Jan. 10: Fired: Defensive coordinator Tim Lewis. Jan. 15: Named: Director player personnel Jerry Reese, general manager. Retired: General manager Ernie Accorsi. Jan. 17: Named: QB coach Kevin Gilbride, offensive coordinator. Jan. 22: Named: Steve Spagnuolo (Eagles '06), defensive coordinator. Jan. 29: Named: Assistant special teams coach Tom Quinn, special teams coach; Thomas McGaughey (Broncos '06), assistant special teams coach; Markus Paul (Jets '06), assistant strength and conditioning coach. Retired: Special teams coach Mike Sweatman. Fired: Assistant strength and conditioning coach Andy Barnett. Jan. 31: Named: Chris Palmer (Cowboys '06), QB coach.

N.Y. JETS - Jan. 15: Re-signed: DB coach Corwin Brown (Notre Dame). Jan. 22: Fired: Assistant special teams/RB coach Sam Gash. Jan. 29: Named: Mike MacIntyre (Cowboys '06), DB coach; Sal Alosi (Falcons '06), strength and conditioning coach; director of player development Jerome Henderson, director of player development and assistant DB coach. Re-signed: Assistant WR/TE coach Richie Anderson (Cardinals). Fired: Strength and conditioning coach Markus Paul. Feb. 7: Named: Dan Quinn (Dolphins '06), DL coach; DL coach Denny Marcin, defensive assistant.

OAKLAND - Jan. 2: Resigned: DB coach Chuck Pagano (North Carolina). Jan. 4: Fired: Head coach Art Shell. Jan. 12: Resigned: Offensive coordinator John Shoop (North Carolina). Jan. 23: Named: Lane Kiffin (Southern Cal '06), head coach. Jan. 29: Named: Greg Knapp (Falcons '06), offensive coordinator. Jan. 30: Retired: WR coach Fred Biletnikoff. Resigned: Special teams coach Ted Daisher (Browns). Feb. 5: Named: Darren Perry (Steelers '06), DB coach. Feb. 6: Named: Tom Cable (Falcons '06), OL coach. Feb 7: Named: Kelly Skipper (Washington State '06), assistant OL coach. Fired: OL coach Irv Eatman; OL coach Jackie Slater. Feb. 8: Named: Tom Rathman (Lions '05), RB coach; Feb. 9: Named: Taver Johnson (Miami, Ohio '06), assistant DL coach. Fired: RB coach Skip Peete; assistant DL coach Darryl Sims. Feb. 13: Named: Brian Schneider (Air Force '06), special teams coordinator; Curtis Fuller (Seahawks player '04), special teams quality control coach.

PHILADELPHIA - Jan. 22: Resigned: LB coach Steve Spagnuolo (Giants). Jan. 23: Named: Special teams coach John Harbaugh, DB coach; DB/S coach Sean McDermott, LB coach.

PITTSBURGH - Jan. 2: Retired: RB coach Dick Hoak. Jan. 5: Resigned: Head coach Bill Cowher. Jan. 15: Resigned: Offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt (Cardinals). Jan. 22: Named: Mike Tomlin (Vikings '06), head coach; WR coach Bruce Arians, offensive coordinator. Resigned: Assistant head coach/OL coach Russ Grimm. Jan. 24: Named: Ken Anderson (Jaguars '06), QB coach. Resigned: DB coach Darren Perry. Fired: QB coach Mark Whipple. Jan. 26: Named: Bob Ligashesky (Rams '06), special teams coach. Jan. 29: Named: Randy Fichtner (Memphis '06), WR coach; Kirby Wilson (Cardinals '06), RB coach; Larry Zierlein (Bills '06), OL coach; assistant DB coach Ray Horton, DB coach; Amos Jones (Mississippi State '06), assistant special teams coach. Retained: DL coach John Mitchell; LB coach Keith Butler; offensive assistant Matt Raich; defensive assistant Lou Spanos. Jan. 30: Fired: Strength and conditioning coach Chet Fuhrman. Feb. 1: Named: Garrett Giemont (Buccaneers '05), strength and conditioning coordinator. Feb. 9: Named: Harold Goodwin (Bears '06), assistant OL/offensive quality control coach. Resigned: Offensive quality control coach Matt Raich.

ST. LOUIS - Jan. 25: Fired: Special teams coach Bob Ligashesky. Jan. 29: Named: Al Roberts (Bengals '02, Garfield High School, Seattle '06); Mike Cox (Michigan State '06), defensive quality control coach. Resigned: Defensive quality control coach Joe Baker (Broncos). Feb. 12: Named: Keith Murphy (Eastern Washington '06), offensive quality control coach; defensive/special teams assistant Todd Downing, coaching assistant/assistant special teams coach; defensive quality control coach Mike Cox, assistant DL/defensive quality control coach. Resigned: Offensive quality control coach Randy Hanson (Raiders).

SAN DIEGO - Jan. 19: Resigned: Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron (Dolphins). Jan. 20: Resigned: TE coach Rob Chudzinski (Browns). Jan. 25: Named: RB coach Clarence Shelmon, offensive coordinator. Feb. 1: Resigned: LB coach Greg Manusky (49ers). Feb. 6: Named: Clancy Barone (Falcons '06), TE coach; Matt Simon (Ravens '05), RB coach. Feb. 8: Resigned: Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips (Cowboys). Feb. 9: Resigned: Assistant strength and conditioning coach Matt Schiotz (Dolphins). Feb. 12: Fired: Head coach Marty Schottenheimer.

SEATTLE - Jan. 19: Resigned: Special teams coach Bob Casullo (Buccaneers). Named: Bruce DeHaven (Cowboys '06), special teams coach. Jan. 18: Resigned: DB coach Teryl Austin (Cardinals). Jan. 21: Named: Jim Mora (Falcons '06), assistant head coach/DB coach. Feb. 12: Resigned: Vice president/football administration Mike Reinfeldt (Titans).

TAMPA BAY - Jan. 3: Resigned: LB coach Joe Barry (Lions). Jan. 8: Named: Raheem Morris (Kansas State '06; Buccaneers '05), DB coach. Fired: DB coach Greg Burns. Jan. 9: Fired: DL coach Jethro Franklin. Jan. 12: Named: Defensive quality control coach Casey Bradley, LB coach. Resigned: TE/special teams coach Ron Middleton (Alabama). Jan. 17: Named: Larry Coyer (Broncos '06), assistant head coach/DL coach. Jan. 19: Named: Bob Casullo (Seahawks '06), TE coach.

TENNESSEE - Jan. 5: Resigned: General manager Floyd Reese; director of pro scouting Al Smith. Jan. 24: Resigned: DB coach Everett Withers (U. of Minnesota). Feb. 12: Named: Mike Reinfeldt (Seahawks '06), general manager. Feb. 14: Resigned: WR coach Ray Sherman (Cowboys).

WASHINGTON - Jan. 16: Fired: LB coach Dale Lindsey. Jan. 17: Named: Assistant DL/special teams coach Kirk Olivadotti, LB coach.

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