Hostler ready for the offensive hustle

Jim Hostler discusses his new role with the 49ers after being promoted to offensive coordinator.

Hostler's opening remarks: "First, I want to thank Coach Nolan and Denise and John York for this great opportunity. Coach Nolan has put together a strong structure and we have an environment in place already to have the offense have a lot of success. The opportunity given to me is a credit to the great offensive coaching staff the coaches put together. That had a lot to do with my success and where I'm at today. I've had a tremendous network of coaches in my past who have helped me get to the spot I'm in right now. I coached for a guy in college, Frank Cignetti), for 10 years. He's had a lot of great coaches that he's had an influence on and since coming to this league, coaches like Jimmy Raye, Paul Hackett, Mike McCarthy, and of course, Norv Turner have had a lot to do with where I'm at, how I look at the game and how I coach the game. Those guys have done a tremendous job in training me and preparing me for this next step. I'm confident that what I've learned from them will be carried over in the future. The staff here, I can't say enough about them. It's a great staff. I've had a chance to watch two coordinators work with the staff in the past, utilize the staff tremendously in game planning and understanding all of their strengths so I have a good foundation of how to use the guys and we have a great working relationship together. I'm very confident in that aspect of it and us going forward. The progress we made last year is a credit to the staff. Where we're going in the future is based on that staff, not one person alone. So the overall staff is going to take the young players, who we made big steps with last year, and head in the right direction. I look forward to continuing with what we started into this year."

On his coaching career at Juniata (PA) College: "It's a small Division III school in Central Pennsylvania. I was the youngest offensive coordinator in the country at that time. I think I was 24 years old.'

On his ties to the (Don) Coryell Offense: "It goes back to Jimmy Raye in Kansas City. Jimmy was obviously in that system. That's why he was with Norv (Turner) in Oakland. So Jimmy Raye really started me in the process in that system."

On building upon what Norv Turner began last season: "Yes, that's the goal. It's not just individual plays, its concepts. It's not just what they're called or how you talk about them, it's how you teach them and coach them and that's the most important thing. I've been in two systems in this league that are the two best systems: the Number System and the West Coast System. I know them both very well. Understanding them has nothing to do with the terminology."

On his rapport with Alex Smith: "I think it's excellent. Alex and I have had a great relationship. We've been through two coordinators so speaking the same language and getting us all on the same page, we've all worked very hard at that." On coming up with his own game plans for each game: "Any time you're involved with the quarterback, especially on game day, you're going to have to have a good idea of what the plan is, how it was put together and how the offensive coordinator is going to call it so that you can answer questions and understand what the quarterback sees – the overall picture he has to deal with on game day. From my standpoint, I've been doing that since I was in New York with the Jets. Paul (Hackett) was in the box and I was on the field. I've been developing and understanding how the game plans are put together since that time."

On his offensive philosophy with the team and calling a game: "The philosophy has been set by Coach Nolan on how we're going to try to win football games. We're just one part of that formula. Obviously running the football is very important to me. I understand what it means to have balance in this league and I understand that you want to have your best players to be in a position and have an opportunity to do what they do on game day. From that standpoint, my philosophy is really taking the best players on your team and giving them an opportunity to be successful. That's what I've learned from all of these guys just being in this league."

On how his play-calling will differ from Norv Turner: "Obviously no one is experienced in calling a game like Norv. He has s a tremendous amount of experience – a lot more than I have. What I've learned from Norv, how he balances the game, how he understands and can react to what the game is asking him to do, what has to change, all the situational things that happen, you get a feel and understanding from a knowledge standpoint exactly what's going on during a game. I don't know how much different we'll look from a standpoint of when you watch the game. We're not going to change; it's just a feel for how the game is going."

On his input in the game plan over the past two years in San Francisco: "The everyday operations for the game plans are very similar everywhere you go. Guys have input, things are talked about, you study film, everybody has ideas and then obviously the coordinator funnels them down into a game plan and then that's implemented throughout the practices during the week and then into the game. It becomes pretty much the personality of the coordinator because he has the final say, but it has a lot to do with what's around him."

On his involvement in the hiring of a new quarterbacks coach: "No, I will not. We've talked about some people, Coach Nolan has done research on those people and he is really the only guy who will interview those guys."

On the last time he called plays in a game: "1999. It was at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The last game was the semi-finals against Northwest Missouri State. We lost and they went on to win the National Championship."

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