Rivers' tutor is head coach

One of the resources head coach Norv Turner brings with him is a considerable resume of knowledge - particularly for quarterbacks. The hope is that will translate into even better production from Pro Bowl quarterback Philip Rivers.

Norv Turner is hoping the Chargers' work in the dark comes through in light of game day.

For some 90 minutes on most weekdays, the new Chargers coach and quarterback Philip Rivers dive into Turner's considerable vault of films. For 20 years, Turner has been splicing and dicing, taking the best of what the best do best.

Over the past 20 years, Turner has compiled an extensive collection of training tapes.

"We have shots of Henry Ellard, we have shots of Curtis Conway when he was a Charger, and shots of Jay Novacek running particular routes," Turner said. "We tell (Philip), 'This is how we want this play executed.' I think the players appreciate looking at how other guys do it."

But football now is a different animal than years past, isn't it? Not so, Turner said.

"They are useful because football really doesn't change that much," Turner said. "A 7-yard out pattern 20 years ago against a basic defense is still the same play in 2007."

That's particularly true on pass plays.

"It is especially important to see how a quarterback views the pattern," Turner said. "I think it adds to Philip's curiosity when he can look at it and say, 'This is how Trent Green or Doug Flutie throws that particular pass.'

"Every player has a little bit different style of doing it, but from the quarterback's standpoint, he wants the ball and the receiver to end up at the same place at the same time. That is the whole key for them."

The whole purpose of Turner's exercise in the film room means showing how players and a team attacks particular situations.

"It is not only looking at techniques, but also looking at schemes," Turner said. "If we have a certain blitz, this is where we want to throw the ball, those type of things."

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