Chandler being shopped around?

The 49ers aren't attempting to deny that rookie kicker Jeff Chandler is trade bait, or that the Washington Redskins are ready to set the hook. But don't expect the Niners to make a move with their fourth-round draft pick until the time is right. And, particularly, until the price is right.

On Wednesday, Niners coach Steve Mariucci made it clear the team must get something worthy in return from the Redskins for Chandler, who was beaten out for the job as San Francisco's kicker this summer by incumbent Jose Cortez.


The Redskins recently lost their kicker, Brett Conway, with a pulled leg muscle. And Washington coach Steve Spurrier is a known proponent of Chandler, who kicked for Spurrier at the University of Florida.


"If a trade is going to happen, it will be between two front offices discussing what's fair," Mariucci said. "We like Jeff Chandler. We felt enough of him to keep him on the football team even though we have another kicker. Now, if Washington or somebody else is interested, they're going to have to make that known and make it worth our while to even consider talking about it."


Mariucci also said the timing would have to be right for such a deal, which makes it unlikely to happen in the next few weeks. The Niners play the Redskins in San Francisco on Sept. 22, and they don't seem too interested in having Chandler kicking against them in a game that might prove consequential in the NFC playoff race.


"I don't know that anything is going to happen now," Mariucci said. "The timing must be right if it ever happens at all. Right now, Jeff Chandler's on our football team, and we intend to have him here. We know what kind of value we feel he's worth. And we feel he was worth that fourth-round pick. And that's indicated by he is on this football team taking up a roster spot and not kicking. We feel he's that good. We like having him here. So time will tell if he will remain a 49er."


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