Visits & workouts: A rundown of the Niners 19

SFI has obtained the list of 19 college prospects that have either had a visit or workout with the 49ers during the weeks leading up to Saturday's NFL draft. Here's a look at each player the team had in for a closer look, how they could fit in with the Niners, and where San Francisco will consider taking them on draft weekend.

Thomas Clayton/RB/Kansas St. (visit): He's a physical specimen that didn't exactly play up to his potential during his college career. But the 49ers, looking for prospects at running back, may consider Clayton near the end of the draft, or perhaps even as a free-agent prospect if he doesn't get drafted.

Jason Hill/WR/Washington St. (visit): The 49ers like Hill - a lot. He's not the speed-burner they'd like at the X position, but he has the size, strength and hands to be successful at the pro level. Some analysts predict Hill might be overdrafted - perhaps as high as the second round - but with the plethora of quality at wide receiver, the Niners might be able to have him with one of their third-round picks, and it's not inconceivable he could slip to the fourth.

Robert Meachem/WR/Tennessee (visit): The 49ers had to take a look for themselves at this fast-rising junior, whose combination of size and speed give him the potential to be an outstanding pro. Meachem has the tools to be a No. 1 receiver who can stretch defenses at the NFL level, and that is something the 49ers both need and covet. Meachem's stock has climbed so high that he may be a legitimate consideration for the Niners at their No. 11 pick in the first round, though that might be a bit high to bet on his potential, and the team would rather trade back a ways to get him. But at this point, Meachem doesn't figure to last much past the middle of the first round. If the 49ers decide there's not a good enough defender available at No. 11, Meachem could be their pick.

Ryan Keenan/G/Northwestern (visit): Keenan isn't known for his strength, which is what the 49ers are looking for in their offensive interior, but he's a good positional blocker the team will consider late in the draft, or as a free agent after it's over.

Tony Ugoh/OT/Arkansas (visit): This is another rising prospect that the 49ers like a lot. He has the skills to be a solid starting tackle in the NFL, and that's something San Francisco would like to get out of this draft. Ugoh will be seriously considered if he's there at the Niners' No. 42 selection in the second round, which is about where many seeing him fitting into this draft.

Mansfield Wrotto/OT/Georgia Tech (workout): Wrotto switched from the defensive line to the offensive line as a senior and showed a lot of potential that could translate to the pro level. He has a lot of upside, but it will take some time to continue refining his game on the other side of the line. Some teams have Wrotto rated as highly as a late first-day selection, but it's more likely the 49ers would like to find him waiting for a call midway through Day 2.

Jermon Bushrod/OT/Towson (visit): Bushrod has good size and moves well, but he played at a low level of competition and may be a reach for anything but the late rounds, if then.

Justin Harrell/DT/Tennessee (visit): Harrell is one of the top-rated defensive tackles available in this draft, an efficient run-stopper who has the ability to develop into a complete tackle at the NFL level. Harrell only played three games as a senior, so the 49ers wanted to see for themselves the condition of his torn biceps that required season-ending surgery, but he's a prospect that could play anywhere along the team's defensive front and is a strong consideration if he still is around at San Francisco's No. 42 selection in Round 2.

Alan Branch/DT/Michigan (visit): Branch is considered an exceptional prospect who would fit in nicely at nose tackle in San Francisco's 3-4 system, but there have been a lot of conflicting reports about his health and what kind of shape he has kept himself in during the offseason. The Niners wanted to get to know him a little better to see if this risk/reward prospect is too good to pass up at No. 11, but that doesn't appear to be the case. He won't be there at No. 42 in the second round, but could always be a trade-down possibility for the Niners.

Ray McDonald/DE/Florida (visit): A good athlete who played tackle in college, McDonald could be an optimum fit at end in San Francisco's 3-4 system, where he could use his quickness to provide heat on the edge. Another strong candidate for the 49ers if he's still available at No. 42 in the second round.

Jamaal Anderson/DE/Arkansas (visit): The Niners also wanted to get up-close-and-personal with this fast-rising prospect, just to make sure the hype is accurate. Listening to 49ers personnel chief Scot McCloughan last week, the hype is, and Anderson would be a prospect the Niners would be hard-pressed to pass up if he still is on the board at No. 11. But it's beginning to look like he won't be.

Ikaika Alama-Francis/DE/Hawaii (visit): Another prospect that is rising up draft boards, Alama-Francis is a still developing prospect who could turn into an excellent edge player in the 3-4. This defender is intriguing to a lot of teams, but he figures to be available somewhere in the third round, where the 49ers have two selections.

Stewart Bradley/LB/Nebraska (workout/visit): Bradley is a big, strong prospect with good length who began his college career as a defensive end and could play inside or outside in San Francisco's 3-4 scheme. Has a third-round grade, where he could be considered by the 49ers, who would like to see him slip a little farther.

Lawrence Timmons/LB/Florida St. (visit): Timmons is one of the elite outside linebackers available in the draft and figures to go somewhere in the middle of the first round, though he'd probably be a reach for the 49ers at No. 11, particularly with the team grooming Manny Lawson at the position and acquiring Tully Banta-Cain in the offseason.

Nick Roach/LB/Northwestern (visit): Has a thick build and is very competitive but comes with an injury history. A run-and-hit linebacker who is tough enough to play inside in the NFL and could be a great value in the later rounds.

Eric Wright/CB/UNLV (visit): A natural athlete with some speed, but the local product also comes with some baggage. A lot of teams are intrigued by Wright as a high-reward mid-round prospect, and the 49ers probably fall into that category.

Tarell Brown/CB/Texas (visit): Is an athletic cover corner who would be a good fit for the 49ers as a fourth corner if they can find him as a value selection around the third round. He is seen as a starting talent by several teams, but the 49ers probably wouldn't consider him until Round 3.

LaRon Landry/S/LSU (visit): The Niners wanted to get to know the best safety prospect in the draft, just in case he somehow slips to No. 11 in the first round, which doesn't appear likely to happen. The team is stocked at safety - it just signed Michael Lewis to a big-bucks contract in free agency and signed 2006 starters Keith Lewis and Mark Roman to contract extensions - but there is no way the 49ers would pass on a player such as Landry, who is a top 5 prospect in this draft.

Eric Frampton/S/Washington St. (workout): The 49ers won't end up with Landry, but they do need to add a fourth safety behind the veterans mentioned above, and the draft is the place they intend to do it. Frampton lacks height and bulk, but he is physical and can play in the box and has the makeup of a core special teams player. He's a backup type player the 49ers might be able to find well into Day 2.

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