T.O. dealing with different defensive maneuvers

"I kind of feel like Shaq, when you've got two or three guys on you. ... I mean, it's hard, man. It's like trying to find your way through a house in the dark."

Q: How are opposing defenses coming out you different this season?

Owens: I kind of feel like Shaq, when you've got two or three guys on you. You know, I expected that. Coming into this season, I knew I made such an impact the last couple of years. Most of my production was basically coming in the middle of the field. A lot of defenses now have a linebacker dropping deep and they're taking away the middle. So we just have to find some ways to get me open. We've got to find some other ways to get some other guys some opportunities. Definitely, I know if they're going to double-team and play 51 coverage on me, other guys are going to have some other opportunities to make some plays.


Q: How difficult has it actually been for you to try and find seams and get open?

Owens: I mean, it's hard, man. It's like trying to find your way through a house in the dark. I'm trying to find holes, Jeff is trying to find me. I even told J.J. (Stokes) and Tai (Streets) and E.J. (Eric Johnson), the things that I do on the field is going to enable those guys to get one-on-one and get some matchups to where they can be open and get the opportunity. I know if they double-team me, it creates those things. And if there's a situation where I can get in there and find a hole and get open, then that's always advantageous to the team.


Q: Have you noticed a sense of urgency on offense so far this season?

Owens: I just feel a sense or urgency, so to speak, on my behalf to get on a roll. I don't really think we've been able to find a rhythm. For whatever reason, that's the case and I think we'll come around. There's no reason to panic right now. We still have a lot of games left, but at the same time we know we have to come in more focused inot games and eliminate a lot of mistakes and try to be a lot better as far as efficiency and try and get some things done on offense.


Q: Why do you think that the team hasn't been able to take full advantage of the fact that you've been so closely covered?

Owens: For whatever reason, we just haven't been able to get anything going. I don't think it's a secret. I think everybody knows that they've been swinging coverage towards my way. We've just got to find some open guys.


Q: Is there some frustration that you and the offense are not doing out there what you've become accustomed to doing?

Owens: I think everybody notices the fact that we haven't been playing the way we're capable of playing the first couple of games. But there's room for improvement. It's not the end of the season. We have to eliminate mistakes. The thing for us now is just to keep our poise. There's no need for us to panic. We just need to go out there and try to rebuild and come back strong. I think we're capable of doing that.


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