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Darrell Jackson gives his take on the spirited nature of 49ers practice compared to what he came from in Seattle, Nate Clements on animated individuals and jawing with Vernon Davis, Alex Smith gushes about the progress of camp standout Taylor Jacobs and Mike Nolan singles out some of the newcomers who have brought a smile to his face this summer.

WR Darrell Jackson, on the spirited nature of 49ers practice and what he came from in Seattle: "Everybody here wants to practice and compete. You can see it in their swagger, in the way they talk, the way they get after it and things like that, whatever the case may be. It's still a young team and things like that, so we're learning how to practice and sometimes things will come along the more with reps and experience. As far as wanting to compete and get each other better, this team is all about that. I think that's one of the biggest things that I notice about this team. Coming from Seattle, we were like that before, but once we became a veteran team, it was more just getting timing down, getting X's and O's down and staying healthy, moving on and getting ready to play the games. But here we have to be able to compete again to get after it so that we can get to the next level like it was in Seattle."

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CB Nate Clements, on being animated in practice and the antics of tight end Vernon Davis: "This is the makeup of Nate Clements. I just be myself as far as my personality and how I play on the field, I just bring that to practice every day. I'm just trying to bring my characteristics, my personality and my game to each and every practice as well as carry it over into the game. I'm a competitor and we're all working for one common goal. We're trying to compete with the offense and make them better as an offens, and vice versa the offense is trying to compete with us and make us a stronger defense. We all work together hand in hand.

"Vernon Davis? Vernon brings energy. He's a competitor. He backs it up. He's going out there and making catches and doing what he's supposed to do, so you can't be mad at that. He's a competitor and he's not going to back down. And I wouldn't want him to back down from anybody. It's all in fun, he knows it and I know it and everybody else out there knows it."

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QB Alex Smith, on the progress of WR Taylor Jacobs, who is having a tremendous camp and make a strong bid for a roster spot among the crowded group at receiver: "He's come a long way. I think the thing with Taylor, prior to this camp he was just a little bit unsure about what he's doing and what he's supposed to be doing, and I've been there. When you're not quite sure what's going on and you're thinking a lot and then you don't really cut loose … I think he's to the point now where he feels comfortable with what we're asking of him and he knows what his responsibilities are. And he can really cut it loose and you see that. You see his potential. He's outrunning guys and making plays. So I think that's the biggest change. You can see him more confident. Look at his speed, the guy can motor. And he accelerates so well. There's a lot of guys that have speed when they get going. There's not many that have speed and acceleration. You see him, he gets in and out of breaks, he comes off the ball, he really accelerates and gets on people quick. It makes a lot of DBs nervous, all of a sudden he's up next to them and breaks down that cushion real fast. The more you can break that down, the more you get presssure on those corners."

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Coach Mike Nolan, when asked to name some of the newcomers who have raised an eyebrow or brought a smile to his face during summer camp: "Well, the rookies I feel good about. They have done some good things, all of them. I think all of them will either make our squad or push somebody else to get better in order to stay on the squad all the way down to the last guy. Our free agents are the real deal, (Tully) Banta-Cain is diong a good job. The big thing now is getting those guys to play as a team because individuals don't win. Patrick Willis looks like a veteran … Well, I wouldn't go that far, but he's done some good things. He's around the ball a lot and is a good football player. He covers lots of ground. He reminds me, to some extent, of how Vernon was last year, a guy who has a lot of ability. We will get him directed in the right way and he'll make some plays."

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