They said it: 49ers players after Raiders win

What the 49ers were saying after their 26-21 preseason victory over the Oakland Raiders on Saturday night. Comments from QB Alex Smith, TE Delanie Walker, WR Darrell Jackson, S Mark Roman, QB Trent Dilfer, WR Ashley Lelie, LB Derek Smith and LB Patrick Willis

TE DELANIE WALKER: "It always feels good to beat the Raiders. It's the ‘Battle of the Bay.' Whoever comes up on top is the best in the bay. We won so we're going home to celebrate and know that we're best in the bay. (On his TD reception) Coach Hostler made a good call. It was X-dagger where Vernon (Davis) stays in and blocks while I go in and release. Alex Smith put it right on the money and I made the catch for a touchdown."

WR DARRELL JACKSON: "It was good to get out there and chew it up, and make sure all the Xs and Os get set. We get more set every time we get out there. It's time to work on things that you're uncomfortable with, so when the season gets here, you're able to use them. We played all right."

QB ALEX SMITH: "It was good to play. I played a little more this game than I did last week. It would have been nice if we played a little better in the second quarter. I thought we did OK in the first quarter. (On his touchdown pass) They were in man-to-man. Darrell (Jackson) had been eating them up all day. I knew if I looked that way, I could get that safety to bite. The safety jumped, and I came back to Delanie (Walker). Delanie made a nice play."

S MARK ROMAN: "We had talked about being a real solid group. We talked about being a defense to be reckoned with. We have to play aggressive."

PATRICK WILLIS: "We are excited. Our main objective was to win. We just wanted to have fun and just win. Getting a win is huge, but we still have some stuff that we need to work on. We will continue to get better. This is my first (Battle of the Bay). Every game is a rivalry to me. Even though there were Bay Area bragging rights at stake, I'm just glad that we didn't give up and we continued to play. Like I said before, getting the win was big, but we still have work to do."

QB TRENT DILFER: "I felt better this week. Every year you have to knock the rust off. Last week I didn't feel bad but that one interception bothered me all week. I just wanted to come out here today and not make any mistakes. I feel that I did that. (On his TD drive) I thought the guys did a good job with their tempo We were balanced with our run and pass. Bryan Gilmore made a couple big plays to keep the drive alive which creates momentum for us offensively. We were able to finish off the drive with a touchdown. Coach Hoss (Jim Hostler) is doing an unbelievable job (with the game plan). He gives us great pass plays, mixes it up, and prepares us well during the week. All three of us quarterbacks feel as confident going into the week more than we ever have."

WR ASHLEY LELIE: "It was good to work on that chemistry with Alex. It is a big thing, it is not the biggest thing. It is definitely a big thing though. We have a timing type of offense. It is important for us to get the timing down with Alex. I think on like a pass or two, we were a little off syn. I think that is from us not working together a lot. But I think we are right on schedule to where we need to be. We are coming along. We still make little mistakes that we shouldn't be making. I think as an offense, we are right in stride of where we need to be."

LB DEREK SMITH: "We started off strong, but then they started converting some third downs. Then, they got some points on the board. We have to do better. Big plays are always going to help you out. Any time you can create a big play, it always creates excitement."

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