Moran on the Rams

Defensive lineman Sean Moran, who played for the St. Louis Rams the past two years before joining the 49ers in the offseason as a free agent, talks about his former team's surprising start this season and Sunday's game between the Rams and 49ers.

Q: What are your impressions of the Rams' poor start?


Moran: They're a heckuva team and I'm sure they'll turn it around as soon as they get it all figured out. And I'm sure that Martz is getting on them right now and they're doing the things you got to do to win. They just haven't been able to squeeze out a win.


Q: Do you know much about Jamie Martin, who will take over at quarterback now for the injured Kurt Warner?


Moran: He's been there for both years that I was there. All I know is he's got a heck of an arm. He can throw the ball. I think he threw for over 200 yards last week in the short time that he played. We're going to have our hands full with him, as well. He can throw the quick balls and he can get rid of it just as quick as Kurt can. I think he's going to fit right in. He's in the NFL for a reason. He's been Kurt's backup for the last couple of years for a reason. He's a heck of a quarterback, and I think he can do a heck of a job.


Q: Looking at that team, what is the difference that you see now than when you were rolling to a 14-2 record last year?


Moran: Teams change from year to year. That's the way the free-agency goes now. You lose 4-5 guys and sometimes it's different players. They lost a guy like London Fletcher and Az Hakim and Jeff Robinson, three key losses, and other guys like myself. One or two other guys you lose, and it starts to chip away at that. But they've reloaded and done certain things over the course of the years to stay good and stay at the top of the league. For some reason, they haven't found a way to win.


Q: What do you think the mentality of the Rams is this week?

Moran: Anytime your starting quarterback gets hurt, it's a blow. Obviously, he's the starter for a reason. The backup, Jamie Martin, is going to have to come in and do a heck of a job. I'm sure the players know what they have coming up. It's 49er week. For us, it's Ram week. It'll always be that way. It'll always be that way because of the rivalry between the teams.


Q: When you were in St. Louis the past two years, was there a sense that the Rams owned the 49ers, that you guys had their number?

Moran: No. I mean, you don't go into any game thinking that, `We've got this one won, we've got their number.' As streaks have it, it's six in a row. They might be thinking, `Hey, we've got them six in a row, we might be able to get them this time.' I don't know what they're thinking now. All I know is we've got two coming up against them this year and hopefully we can get them both.


Q: Are you surprised they're 0-4?

Moran: Yeah, I am. They're a great football team. They were in the Super Bowl last year. They're a heck of a team. It's hard to believe that they're 0-4, but it's true. They haven't been able to squeak out a win.

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