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After watching the films of the Seahawks' 24-21 win over Cincinnati, Seattle coach Mike Holmgren reiterated his belief that quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is off to an exceptional start. Hasselbeck's current passer rating of 97.1 is a pace that trails only his 2005 Super Bowl and Pro Bowl season.

His only two interceptions of the season, which came against the Bengals, were on balls tipped up by receivers.

"He's reached a point in his career where he should be good and we're lucky to have him," Holmgren said. "Is he perfect? No. We're shooting for perfection, both of us are. He's playing very well and we need him to play well. The quarterback is very much the key to how we do offensively."

Both Holmgren and Hasselbeck cited improved communication as an important factor in the operation of the offense.

"I think we've reached a point where he can be open and I can be open," Holmgren said.

Hasselbeck's mastery of the Holmgren offense also has been a function of his decision-making ability.

"If you have the physical tools, then it's all about judgment," Holmgren said. "Because he's very bright, he has a tendency to overanalyze a little bit. What we're working on now is just being real confident in the decisions and then living for another day. His judgment is an area where he's really doing a fine job for the most part."

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While pleased with a win over the Bengals, which moved the Seahawks to 2-1, Holmgren saw enough points of weakness to address this week heading into a game against division foe San Francisco.

"There are areas we have to improve on," Holmgren said. "Offensively, I wasn't very happy with the way we ran the ball. We ran it a little bit at the end of the game and got some yards. Early on, we weren't too successful. They moved their defense more than probably anybody we'll play all year and disrupted some of our blocking schemes."

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Holmgren cited special teams as a key to the win. And also congratulated new special teams coach Bruce DeHaven – who used to coach those units for the 49ers - for his efforts.

Josh Wilson opened the game with a 72-yard kickoff, which led to an 18-yard touchdown pass from Matt Hasselbeck to Bobby Engram. Linebacker Lance Laury helped secure the win, forcing a fumble on the final Bengals kickoff return.

"If there was a time where you could re-emphasize the fact that everybody on your roster can contribute and can help you win, that was a perfect example of that because the special teams came up big," Holmgren said. "The final play for special teams won the game for us."

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--- RB Shaun Alexander has a cracked bone in his wrist, new tests revealed. His play will not be limited as he'll continue to wear the small cast on his left wrist as he did against Cincinnati.

--- RB Mo Morris is expected to be back in action after having recovered from a hip injury.

--- WR Ben Obomanu will likely return to practice and be ready for the San Francisco game. He's been out nursing a hamstring injury.

--- LB Leroy Hill, who had been out with a foot injury, played against Cincinnati with no ill effects.

--- CB Kelly Jennings had the wind knocked out of him during the Bengals game, the staff reported, but he was not injured beyond that.

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