He said it: Mike Nolan after loss to Ravens

A low-broiling Mike Nolan gives his takes on the game Sunday afternoon after the 49ers' disappointing 9-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens at Monster Park in San Francisco.

On his overview of the game: "I'm very disappointed in the loss. It's a very quiet locker room in there right now. They're disappointed with it as well. I will say that I thought the game came up at the end like I thought it would come up to, and that was that we were very close in a low scoring ball game. How it got to that point? No one knows, but it did get there, that was anticipated. I thought we'd come through with a victory at the end, seeing that it is our house, but we did not. The defense and the special teams continued to do some very good things. They continued to get better and play hard. We've got some guys that are laying it on the line, they will continue to do that. It is about a team, our guys recognize that, and it will stay that way. But we need to continue to do some things. I don't know what the issues are on offense exactly, but we have a lot of work to do. We are going into a bye week, that's not an off week, that is a work week. And we will do exactly that this week. Tomorrow will be a normal Monday and we'll work the rest of the week, obviously, on some things that need improving; in particular on the offensive side of the ball. But like I said, the one thing we don't want to do, I said this to the team as well, is to get into the situation where we start to press on defense and special teams and then we start to change the problem. We know where it lies right now and we'll get it rectified. This week is an opportunity for us to go back and look as the things that we're dong."

On Trent Dilfer's momentum building as the game progressed: "I did (see it building). I will say this too, I thought the fans did an outstanding job of staying into it late. They came alive there late and gave us a lot of life. They inspired us to do some things. Obviously, after the big pass play, the roar of the crowd, believe it or not, has a lot to do with us getting a touchdown the very next play. So I appreciate what they did. That's important for us going forward. Trent did start to get some plays there, but we weren't able to keep the ball at that time. We did get into the field goal position, but it was a little bit long, it came up short. Like I said, that is where I thought we would be at the end. I would like to be kicking a 35 yarder instead of a 52."

On running the ball on last play before Nedney's field-goal attempt: "Well we didn't get anything out of it. On the third and long like that, what they were doing pressure wise, we thought we'd pop them. We had gotten 5, 6, 7 yards on some third down runs early in the game. They weren't enough to get the first down a couple of times, but at the same time, with all the pressure they were bringing from the different sides it was an opportunity for us to get another 5 yards. To be honest with you I thought we'd make it from where we were. I mean he had (Joe Nedney) plenty of distance, he just pulled it a little bit to the right. But Joe is an outstanding kicker. I would trust the game in his hands anytime, he just didn't come through today. But Joe was good."

On his feelings on Trent Dilfer as the team's starting quarterback: "If Alex (Smith) is not well it will be Trent again. And I would be comfortable with that. I believe I have a lot of confidence in Trent because he's a very good leader, he's been there and he's done it. He understands the operations of the game; the offense. I think he adds tempo to the guys, and they believe in playing for him. And I think he's a great choice for us. I feel fortunate that he's our quarterback. In the next game who do I expect? I don't know if I have expectations right now. I'm hopeful that Alex is back and he's our starter. If he is well he'll play in that game. But right now, from a medical standpoint, it's still questionable."

On Trent Dilfer not throwing the ball down the field in the first half: "We made some attempts with some plays we had, but as you saw, there was also some pressure. So we're trying to protect him. In playing Baltimore, I knew that was the kind of game we were going to play with them. Whether it was 16-17 game or a 9-7 game as it was, 20-21, I knew it was going to be that kind of a game. We wanted to make sure that we were playing that kind of a game. The thing that you have to do that's really important is have ball security. The one turnover we got where we threw it to Ed Reed, I believe that was the only turn over we had in the game. That's the kind of game right there where it's exactly what it is, meaning just keeping ball security. They have a very good defense, they play that way. I was hoping that at our place we could play that kind of game and beat them. It was a put-you-to-sleep kind of game some of the time. But at the same time the objective is to win. Where we are offensively, we gave ourselves the best chance to win that game today. So I'm very disappointed in the loss, but at the same time we gave ourselves the best chance to win that thing and we didn't."

On how much change can be made on offense: "We've got to do much better than we've been doing. We've got to execute better. We've got to get some people back and healthy and hopefully get some guys back that are playmakers for us. But at the same time we need to be more effective."

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