They said it: 49ers players on Baltimore loss

The 49ers talk about their frustrating 9-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, with comments here from wide receiver Arnaz Battle, quarterback Trent Dilfer, defensive end Marques Douglas, wide receiver Bryan Gilmore, safety Mark Roman and linebacker Derek Smith.

On getting the only touchdown of the game:
"It's still frustrating. We have potential to be a good offense, move the ball, and get something going. It's frustrating but you need to keep fighting, scratching, and clawing."
On taking anything away from a close game like this: "We were stalling on offense, but there were times where we had flashes of moving the ball and getting better as an offense. At times, I felt like we were getting back to that point. Even on the last drive, I wish we could have scored a touchdown or gotten deeper into their territory. We moved the ball, we just have to keep working had. We have a bye this week, and just like Coach Nolan said, it's not a week off. We have to keep preparing to come back next game."

On the offensive strategy:
"Each team is built a little bit differently. We are built for a ball-control type offense. We want to get Frank (Gore) the ball as much as possible, wear down the clock and keep our defense off the field. That is a good way to build a football team. The problem with that is, when it's ugly, it's really ugly. People start to wonder why the 49ers can't put up 350-400 yards per week. It's really not that far off. The problem with that is, you stretch yourself thin when you do that all the time and you don't put yourself in position to win games. As ugly as it's been, we have put ourselves in position to win football games. We had a chance to win the game today. We have been in a lot of close games and ugly games. But when the switch clicks and people start getting it, then you start to win close games and you win three or four of them, then the next thing you know – you have momentum again."
On his interception: That is the best free safety I have ever played against in my life (Ed Reed). The interception was a six route. It was an underneath route where he (Reed) is playing in the middle of the field. I have to look at the six because it is a ‘press, bump and run.' I think it's ‘PI,' and then he intercepts the six route coming from the middle of the field. I've never seen that happen in 14 years. The guy is very dangerous.
On opening up the offense: "I think there's a place for taking the ball, taking five steps and throwing the ball 45 yards down the field. That's going to happen whether it's Alex or me. We will open things up a bit and turn this thing around."
On the draw play before the 49ers' failed winning field goal attempt: "I asked for that play. So, don't get on Jim Hostler for that. It was a play we put in this week. It is real effective against that style of defense. They want to blitz you on third down and play real soft. Frank (Gore) just couldn't get enough room to wiggle. The guy (Ngata) just made a great play. I think it was a great play-call. It is what you need to do in that situation to give your kicker a chance to make that field goal. Unfortunately, we didn't get enough out of that play."

On the 49ers' defensive performance:
"We knew the Ravens were going to come in here and run the ball down our throats. We know that they play a smash mouth type of football and unfortunately we just didn't do our part. If we did our part the outcome today would have been different. We just have to go into the bye week and keep working on things and keep getting better."
On the state of the defense going into the bye: "We look at it in the sense that we need to do anything to get the win, maybe if we gave our offense a couple more shots today than we might have been able to win the game. Nobody in here is holding their head up high and saying that we did our jobs. We win as a team and we lose as a team and we just need to keep working to try and get better."

On how did it felt getting back out there after his time off:
"It felt good. Nothing has really changed. It's just like all the other seasons I have played. It's a little more special when you're sitting at home, and have a chance to come in and play."
On the big catch to set up San Francisco's only touchdown: "I just wanted to make a play. Trent hung in there and took a big hit and I just wanted to complete it."
On using the bye week to get better: "There are always things you can take away from a game. We just have to be confident that everybody will be on the same page and trust each other and we will be fine. We do have a bye week coming up. We just need to practice with a purpose and work on the things we need to correct and we will get something out of it."

On the performance of the defense:
"It was alright, we definitely have to do more. We have to force some turnovers and make things happen out there and not be satisfied until we get the results. Sometimes you need to go far and beyond the expectations and play our game."
On moving forward: "We just have to keep working on the things that have been going right and work on the things that have gone wrong. I don't get any satisfaction because at the end of the day we lost the game. It doesn't matter if one side does well, it matters if we win the game and we didn't get it done today. Guys in this room know that all that matters in the end is winning the game and today has left a bad taste in our mouth."

On the overall play of the defense:
"We should have held them to two field goals and we would have won. I feel good about our team. It was a tough loss today. We have to go back to the drawing board and see what we can do to make this thing better."
On the play of the offense: "We win as a team and lose as a team. We should have held them to two field goals. We let the team down in that respect. That was on us."
On the play of teammate Trent Dilfer: " My job is to play defense. I don't even watch the offense to tell you the truth. That's not my area. Trent is a great guy. I love Trent. He goes out there and plays his hardest. He is a warrior."

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