They said it: 49ers players on loss to Giants

The 49ers talk about their discouraging 33-15 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday, with comments from safety Michael Lewis, running back Frank Gore, quarterback Trent Dilfer, cornerback Nate Clements and defensive end Bryant Young.

On the play of San Francisco's defense:
"Our focus is to get turnovers, and it's frustrating to sit out there and watch their defense get turnovers. We weren't able to get turnovers for our offense. We just have to get more turnovers. That's the one area where we're lacking right now. We've got playmakers, we just have to find a way to get the ball. Whether it be interceptions or causing fumbles and recovering fumbles - whatever it takes, we have to get turnovers. And we have to continue to learn to fight through adversity. Adversity is going to happen in the game, and as a team we have to fight through it."
On if the bye week did the 49ers any good: "We just really did some self-evaluation. You have to look at yourself. We went back and watched films on things that we can do better to try to improve upon. We wanted to come out in this game and make some things happen. We weren't able to do that. It's one of those things we just have to continue to work on. And we know that things are going to turn around. We guarantee that."
On the play of San Francisco's secondary: "Nate (Clements), Walt (Harris) and those guys did a great job covering up their receivers, but as a whole defense we felt like we just need to play better. Of course, they're not going to throw the ball if we're not able to stop the run, so it's one of those things that works hand it hand. We've got to play better on defense and we know that."

On the play of the offense:
"There were a lot of mistakes and lots of penalties and that hurt our drives. We didn't make any big plays. We just couldn't get big plays when we had them. We had a lot of penalties. We hurt ourselves a whole lot. In the NFL, when you have big plays, you have to take advantage of them and we didn't."
On the loss: "It's tough. With us, knowing what we have on our team and we practice hard and then going out on Sunday and not showing it is really tough. Especially with the high expectations and we haven't shown it yet."

On the 49ers' offensive game plan:
"We had a lot of different personnel groups and formations and a lot of different launch points. What killed us was the second quarter. It was one of those games if we could have kept it close we would have been able to utilize it all. When you get down by that many scores it's tough to utilize the whole thing."
On the Giants: "They are a very good football team. Offensively they do a great job of controlling the ball. They are very balanced. They have playmakers. Then defensively if they get a lead they are one of those teams that is very difficult to stop. I think by the end of the deal they are going to be one of the better defensive teams in the league."
On the speed of New York's pass-rushing defensive end Osi Umenyiora: "He is very fast and people talk about team speed and that is one of the advantages with a guy like that. A lot of teams run that pressure and the end never gets to you in three steps. He did, obviously."

On the state of the team:
"We had a good week of preparation and felt really confident going into this game but the outcome wasn't what we wanted. With the hard work we put in we really didn't expect this."
On the game: "They converted and we didn't. The offense used their weapons and when you take away one, they still have other weapons at their disposal. It's our job to get off the field on third down and we didn't. It's a long season. The only thing that we can do is make the adjustments. Nobody was out there giving up."

On the 49ers' defense:
"There was a lot that we could have done to help ourselves. When called upon we didn't do as well as we could have done. We should have performed a lot better than we did and we didn't. The effort was there and nobody laid down but we continued to make those mistakes in crucial situations."
On the loss: "It hurts. We played hard but anytime you shoot yourself in the foot like we did, you don't give yourself an opportunity to win. It's very frustrating."
On the season: "I didn't see this happening. The only thing we can do now is continue to work and realize there is a lot of improvement. We just have to keep going at it and keep on fighting.

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