They said it: 49ers players on loss to Saints

The 49ers talk about their demoralizing 31-10 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, with comments from tight end Vernon Davis, linebacker Parys Haralson, wide receiver Ashley Lelie, return specialist Michael Lewis, running back Michael Robinson and linebacker Derek Smith.

On the 49ers' problems on offense:
"I don't know. I can't find a problem to it. I can't really tell what it is. It seems like we are all playing hard."
On how he felt he played after catching a career-high six passes: "I feel like I did well, but at the end of the day, it's about winning the game, and it just didn't happen for us today."
On how he felt about the offensive approach: "I felt it was good. We need to keep on moving the ball and keep on practicing hard. I think we threw the ball well today, everyone got to touch the ball. We just need to keep moving the ball. Continue to spread the ball around."
On how Alex Smith's arm and shoulder affected the team's performance: "I couldn't really tell. Alex seemed fine, but towards the end of the game, it seemed like he had a little bit of pain, but he continued to play, I think he's a real warrior for that. He wanted the win, just like everyone else. I felt Alex did a good job. Despite him being injured, I thought he did a good job."
On the team's attitude after losing five games in a row: "We've been here before. The first two games, we came back in the end. So all we can do is look ahead, and not look back. We don't expect to lose, but we lost five games. The approach we have to take now is we need to go into practice ready to work. Everyone's playing hard, everyone wants to win. We can't point any fingers at anyone."
On the similarity in atmosphere compared to last year: "It's different. Everybody is fired up, everyone wants to win. The coaches want to win, my teammates want to win. It's going to take effort and continue to play and practice hard. We can't keep our heads down."
On what the team needs to work on for the next week: "We need to work on executing plays. Not making any mistakes, some of the little things."
On how he thinks the running game can be improved: "I think we are doing a good job. The offensive line is blocking. The way we can improve is just look at film and how we approach these guys."
On whether the team just isn't any good right now: "We're damn good. We're a good team, a good group of guys."
On how big a role injuries have played in the team's start: "We had a quite a few injuries around here. At the end of the day, it's about keeping everyone healthy. We need everyone. We need Frank Gore, we need Jonas Jennings."

On how the defense played:
"I really don't know until we check the films. There are always things you can do better on. There are some plays I wish we could have back."
On what the team needs to work on for next week: "Get better. Keep doing what we are doing and get better at what we do. Make things happen, make plays. We got a couple of injuries, but we can't really dwell on injuries. The next person up needs to be ready to go."

On how it felt to get a full game in after playing sparingly in San Francisco's first five games:
"It didn't feel good at all. We lost. We got embarrassed."
On moving forward after a hard loss: "We just have to put this one behind us. The only way to get out of it is to keep winning."
On whether he noticed a difference in Alex Smith's throws: "I didn't. I may have to watch film to see some of the other passes. He said he felt good, so I didn't think anything of it."
On what's ailing this team: "From the turnovers, to not making plays period. We just need to get some big plays in a row to build our confidence. Anything to get some kind of momentum rolling. Every time we get some kind of momentum, we don't capitalize on it or we shoot ourselves in the foot."
On whether he and Alex Smith are on the same page: "Pretty much. It's where it should be. As a whole we aren't connecting. We aren't on the same page as a team. I'm not really worried about mine and Alex's relationship. It's not just two people that make a difference."

On the mentality going into this game against former team:
"The mindset stays the same. I go out there and do what I have to do, try to put the offense in the best field position possible. So when I step out on to the field, that's all I think about. I don't try to do too much or anything like that. Just try to secure the ball and go out and do my job."
On what the team needs to do to get ready for next week: "We just go back to the drawing board and do what we have to do to game plan. We just have to keep our heads together and stay together as a team. I've been through this situation before and the main thing is, from what I have seen, nobody in here is pointing fingers."

On his thoughts of the game:
"We got to keep clubbing away. It reminds me of back in college, in 2004. As soon as we got that win, that's when it just flipped over. I think as soon as we get a win, we can get back on track."
On what needs to be worked on for the next game: "Learn how to play better through adversity. Being down 7 or 10, the game isn't over yet. We need to learn to climb back from adversity. We've got playmakers, we just need to respond better."
On carrying a bigger load at running back: "I welcome it. We all want to be number one guy. When we get our opportunity, we need to make the best of it."
On the team's five-game losing streak: "It's been a big disappointment. We all want to win games. We all have the same goals. We need to go out there and play, and execute. We need to get a win, when, I don't know, we were hoping it would happen today."

On his thoughts on the game:
"They did a great job of executing and making plays. We didn't execute and it shows in the score. We just have to bounce back. You have to fight the same when you're down as when you're on top."
On the Saints' ability to execute on offense:"They run a real high tempo. It was kind of hard to lock into what they were doing with the personnel. They come up to line real quick, constantly moving the game."

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