He said it: Mike Nolan after loss to Seahawks

Coach Mike Nolan gives his takes on the game Monday night after the 49ers' seventh consecutive defeat - an embarrassing 24-0 shutout loss to the Seattle Seahawks that exposed San Francisco's inept play to a national television audience.

Q: What is your overview of the game?
I don't have a lot to say. We had our opportunities today. But we did not capitalize on them. The opportunities I speak about are primarily in the second half, down 17-0. We got in the red zone. We went for it on fourth down and came away with nothing. So, onside kick, we have it in our hands, lose it -- things like that. So when I speak of opportunities, those are opportunities we had. We had several dropped balls in the game. Again, we didn't capitalize on any opportunities we had. Defensively, the same thing. We stopped them three times in the second half. And the fourth time, we come out and don't execute. We let them go down and get the touchdown.

Q: Do you feel the loss of your father had any effect on the football team today?
I appreciate the question. I don't want to make this about me, because it is not. Our football team lost for an entirely different reason. So if you don't mind, I respect your question, but if you would respect mine, I would rather just rather keep it on the team level.

Q: What needs to be done differently with your team?
We still have a lot of work to do. We still have a lot of football left as well. In some ways you can look at that and say yea and some ways, my god. But hopefully we look at it and make strides and good ones.

Q: What can you do to change things up or the attitude of the team?
I would say is that during the week there is nothing I would want to change. The attitude is great, plus they work hard. But when we show up for the game, I don't even think the attitude is bad in the game. But when opportunity strikes and where you can make a play, it just doesn't go. I don't know how many balls we dropped today, but even that onside kick. That's just like clockwork. When the ball in your hands. It was like the only guy who knew the ball was coming was the guy that had the ball in his hands. They (Seattle) had no idea. Therefore we should make that play. There are several plays in there, tipped a ball, there's no one around to intercept it. A fumbled ball, nobody's around to pick it up. It's little things like that, that are frustrating. The one thing I will say, is that they (49ers) are looking consistently the same, it's missed opportunities more than anything else. So it's not as if we have had none.

Q: This has to be a terribly difficult situation for right now, but is there anything you can hang your hat on after another game like this tonight?
I don't know about hanging our hat on something, but the disappointment has been now, for seven weeks, has been our inability to take advantage of opportunities in order to make plays. If we'd do that, at least you'd see a closer game. That's what's bothering me. We may not make enough plays to win a ball game, but at least we would take advantage of a couple, whether it's recovering an onside (kick), whether to make an interception or recover the fumble when it's out there, or whether it's just to catch the ball when it's thrown to us. It's just a lot of little things that make a big difference in a football game. We seem to have a very difficult time capitalizing on those opportunities. Whether they make a difference in winning and losing … I think they will in time, but right now, they're few and far between, so that's the disappointment of it.

Q: Does it seems like by trying to make big plays in coverage, guys like Nate Clements and Walt Harris allowed big plays to go the other way?
I would say that's right, but at the same time, when things are going right, you take those risks and things are the money and you don't come up with the ball. They're trying to do something as far as making the play. With good players, you don't want to fault them for trying to make that effort. If they don't make that effort, all you do is bend don't break all the time, and that's certainly not what we want our players to do. There's a time and a place for that. But right now, with us trying to get off the 0-7 mark, we need guys to at least show that they're aware enough to when there's an opportunity there, to try and take it.

Q: It looks like Alex Smith is really pressing because he has to be the guy to deliver. Is some of this starting to get to him mentally?
It might be. That would be a good question for him. I think any time you don't have success, things become frustrating. And you look within yourself always first to find out what can you do to make a difference, and the people around you are doing the same thing. And then collectively you can get together and try to get it strong. But we have been ineffective now for seven weeks as far as getting our problems solved. I don't think that the problems have changed. I think it's they're the same things we had seven weeks ago. You can take each one of the losses and they all look much the same. The only thing that's happened (different) the last couple of weeks has been some phantom type of penalties or something. The few that have occurred have been around. But outside of that, the ball security issues and just the inability to make a play at times has been our problem.

Q: The offensive line seemed to play well and Frank Gore ran well. Did you see those things as positives?
There are some positives like that, but some how, some way, we've got to make those things turn into points and turn into conversions on third down, and move the ball down the field. Statistically, we'll have three or four plays that look pretty good and get maybe across midfield and do something, and then all of a sudden, we'll do something to back us up 15 (yards) … Things like that, we just don't seem to put it together. Last week, when we drove down and put it in the end zone against Atlanta, that was really the first complete drive that we've had all season long. And we need to have more of those. There are some bright spots, as far as protection by our offensive line. I thought that getting Alex out on the perimeter was a better thing that we did today. That protects us. We need move the pocket sometimes, because you know they're going to bring everybody they can find and the kitchen sink if they can throw it at you. So there was some positives there. Frank Gore is a good back. But again, the opportunity to win … we didn't get it done.

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