They said it: 49ers players on Seahawks loss

The 49ers talk about their embarrassing 24-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night, with comments from linebackers Jeff Ulbrich, Derek Smith and Patrick Willis, wide receiver Darrell Jackson and running back Frank Gore.

On his role as a leading tackler:
"I will take a no-tackle, bad performance and a win over a great performance and a loss. There is not much consolation in playing well in a losing effort. There's no consolation prize in this game. I'll take the win and a bad performance any day."
On the level of energy he plays with "I just bring it upon myself to create a spark for this team. I have been a starter in this league for a long time; now I am more of a specialty-team, role player guy. Seeing that I am in on a limited opportunity I feel it is my responsibility when I do get a chance to on only play well but give that emotional lift. I'm trying to give that spark to the defense when I get in there. I hope they respond well, but you would have to ask them."
On what he can take away from today's game: "I take away that we need to execute better. We need to play better in every facet of the game. That is it; it sounds simple, but it is simple. You got to keep fighting. If you question the process at this point, then we were doing something wrong the entire time. I've gotta go out there and keep fighting. That's all I know how to do. I'll get my lunch pail and keep coming to work. You got to keep with what we're doing. That's the key. I think we've got the guys, we just have to execute better and we're not doing that right now."
On coach Nolan's state before the game in relation to his father's passing: "I saw frustration and disappointment with the outcome of the game. He is a professional -- the consummate pro. I would have loved to have won this one for him. But, unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way."
On the team losing confidence after seven consecutive losses: "It is tough to maintain your confidence in a seven-game losing streak. I know it has been said over and over, but we have a team with enough character that we are going to keep fighting. We are not going to quit. That's the problem when you start losing sometimes. People, they stop doing their own jobs. And you have to get back to doing your own job. You have to focus, and everybody else has got to pick it up around you. That's what leads to big mistakes and that's the mistakes now that are killing us right now."

On the team losing confidence:
"I don't feel that we are [losing confidence]. We are as much of a team as we were when we started all this. Right now we are just going through a hard time. Coach Nolan has a saying that tough times don't last forever, but tough people will."

On the position that his team finds itself in:
"It's not a position that you want to be in, but we are. So, you do what you can to make things better -- whatever you think that you as an individual you can do."
On the impact of the news of Coach Nolan's loss: "I think guys handle it OK. The bottom line tonight is the game and we didn't go out and do what we needed to do. And, now here we are. We got together as a team and talked about it; he let us know what had happened and that he intended to still coach the game and we went from there."

On the outcome:
"We expect more from ourselves. We just aren't delivering."
On if it's odd being in the visiting locker room: "No, it's all in the sport, being professional. Things like that happen. I'm a San Francisco 49er now. I had a good time (tonight). I know they still love me here. I still love them. Sometimes you've got to move on. It felt good out there. It felt like a good time. We just didn't get it done."
On the crowd: "They love me. They pumped me up. They gave me a good ovation at the end of the game. I slapped a couple of high fives on the sideline with the fans. I had a lot of good posters out there, a lot of support. I think I gave them what I had while I was here. I think they respect me for it. You always want to have a big game, especially against your former team. Unluckily, things didn't turn out pretty good for me. But, things haven't been pretty good over here the whole year. We're struggling right now. Sooner or later, we will find out way and get the job done."
On finding a rhythm in the offense: "I don't know. I am not the play caller. I keep fighting, keep doing what I am doing, trying to get open, make a target for the quarterback so it is easy for him to throw it. I don't know on the rest of it. It's not my job."
On if he had ever played on an offense this dysfunctional: "Never."
On if he can identify the problem: "I can't put my finger on it; it would be politically incorrect."
On if the correct plays are being called: "I didn't say anything about any play calling."

On having gone through a similar situation recently, if he could empathize with Coach Nolan:
"I know it's tough because I have been through it, playing when my mom passed. It shows a lot of heart (and) how much he really cares about us, to come out here and still coach. It's tough. I am happy that he did. I wish it would have come out better."
On if he really wanted to get a win for Coach Nolan: "I really did. Not only for him, but also knowing we were only one game out."
On if the running game was getting going in the third quarter: "We were but we lost."

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