T.O. and the Sharpie

Tuesday was a player's day off for the 49ers, which means Terrell Owens wasn't around the team facility for some day-after discussion of his latest penmanship maneuver, but coach Steve Mariucci had plenty to say about his star receiver's impromptu autograph session after scoring the winning touchdown in Monday night's victory over the Seahawks.

The irrepressible Owens pulled a Sharpie marking pen out of his sock when he reached the end zone at the conclusion of a 37-yard touchdown play midway through the fourth quarter that gave the Niners a 28-21 win. He then signed the football and handed it to friend and associate Greg Eastman - Owens' financial advisor - who just happened to be sitting in a luxury suite beyond the end zone.

"It was not my Sharpie," Mariucci said Tuesday of the pen Owens got from a team trainer. The coach said he wasn't necessarily expecting any admonishment from the NFL office for Owens' action.

"I haven't heard anything yet from the league," Mariucci said. "I'm not aware of any rule that states no bells, or whistles, or Sharpies. We get memos all the time from the league. For example, ‘Be careful you've got 12 guys in the huddle,' or, ‘Make sure your guys have their shirts tucked in.' We get these memos all the time. We may very well get one that reminds our players to stay with the standard uniform and nothing additional."

Mariucci made it clear it won't be necessary for the Niners to receive a memo such as that last example. He discussed the issue with Owens after Monday's game.

"There won't be any copycats of that," Mariucci said. "I spoke with T.O. on the bus and I thought he dealt with it as honestly as he could with you guys afterwards. He explained it all to me."

Eastman was sitting in the luxury suite of Seattle cornerback Shawn Springs, who just happened to be the player Owens had beaten on the touchdown play. Springs also is an Eastman client.

Mariucci went on to say, "(Owens) and Shawn, they are friends and I guess they had a mutual friend that asked for a ball. (Owens) was cordial enough to give someone a ball. It happens all the time where a guy will score a touchdown and go give it to his mom, or his girlfriend, that happens all the time. There wasn't any obscene gestures, there was no taunting toward the bench, or the crowd - it was a friendly gesture to some mutual friend that they had.

"The only unusual thing was the Sharpie out of the sock."

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