SFI's 49ers Christmas Wish List

The 49ers didn't get many of the things they had hoped for or planned for in 2007, and for a team that certainly can use some holiday cheer at the end of a disappointing season, SFI has compiled a Christmas wish list for all things 49er:

To Bryant Young: A Play One More Season card, since the old warhorse showed this year that he still has plenty left in the tank. And if he does decide to retire after Sunday's season finale against the Cleveland Browns, well B.Y., then many happy trails you classy guy.

To Jed York: The keys to the kingdom. Oh, wait, he already has them. And they'll be in good hands with the dynamic eldest son of team owners John and Denise York.

To Trent Dilfer: A peaceful stroll into the sunset, then a job as the 49ers' new quarterbacks coach when he gets there. That was practically a dual role for Dilfer this season anyway.

To Jeff Ulbrich: A deluxe, double-edged electric razor, to help him with all those funky shave jobs he keeps coming up with.

To Andy Dolich: Less red-tape obstacles in getting a new stadium built for the 49ers than was experienced by all those faced with that task before him.

To Jason Jenkins: Peace and happiness to the J.J. king, the main man behind the scenes in the 49ers' public relations department.

To Darrell Jackson: Some invisible stickum, to help with those passes that pop off his hands in key situations.

To Mike Nolan: Another season as head coach in 2008 to fix what went wrong in 2007 and build on the true progress the franchise made under his direction during his first two years with the team.

To Frank Gore: The rock handed to him many more times than it ever was in 2007.

To Jonas Jennings: One full season - heck, even half a season - free of injuries, though that might be just wishful thinking.

To Jim Hostler: A place to land on his feet, since he's a decent coach who just wasn't ready for the demanding role thrust upon him this season.

To John York: A bit more respect for the 49ers owner for what he's doing to right the franchise, since he's pouring money into the team, continually looking for better ways to get things done, and stands back without meddling to let others do their jobs.

To Jerry Rice: Another post-football gig where Flash 80 can keep dancing in the limelight and looking like a star.

To Kwame Harris: A new home where he actually gets a chance again to prove he still can play in this league.

To Greg Manusky: A little more help up front and somebody who can bring heat from the edge, because that's about all his defense is missing to make it one of the better units in the league.

To Shaun Hill: A new two-year contract to stick around with the 49ers, and open competition next year on the off chance he might turn into another Tony Romo.

To Bill Walsh: The knowledge as he looks down from above that he and the things he accomplished will never be forgotten here or anywhere else in the football world.

To Marques Douglas: That respect he has been looking for throughout his career, and proved this season that he most certainly deserves during an impressive contract year.

To Paraag Marathe: A gold-plated calculator for the team's director of football operations, to help with his innovative ideas and numbers crunching as he continues his rise as a key figure in the team's organizational structure.

To Joe Starkey and Gary Plummer: No more unwatchable games to describe to listeners for the 49ers' radio broadcast team, who had more than a few of those in 2007.

To Patrick Willis: A custom-built, deluxe-size trophy case, because he is going to need it before his career is done.

To Justin Smiley: That big contract he'll be looking for as an unrestricted free agent, because it's not going to come from the 49ers.

To Ashley Lelie: More of a chance to show what he can do at wide receiver for a guy that should have been getting that opportunity all along this year.

To Jerry Sullivan: Improved performance from his unit that better serves his reputation as one of the game's top receiver coaches.

To Jeremy Newberry: More of whatever this former 49er warrior put into and onto his knees to allow him to resume his career across the bay in Oakland when he looked finished because of injuries during his final season in San Francisco.

To Scot McCloughan: A contract extension that binds him and his eye for talent to the 49ers for several more years, whether that includes an increased role in the organization or not.

To Norv Turner: Some kind of guilt antidote for what his late departure did to the 49ers and their offense this year.

To Jason Hill: A healthy 2008 season, so that he doesn't start looking like another Rashaun Woods.

To Alex Smith: A case of short-term amnesia, so that he can forget all about his lost 2007 season and the shoulder injury that doomed the pivotal third of his development.

To Terrell Owens: A Super Bowl championship, because even though this former 49er has found new dual roles as a team-wrecker, a clown and a cartoon since leaving San Francisco, his supreme talent and performance deserves it.

To Andy Lee: A spot on the All-Pro team to go along with his Pro Bowl berth as just recognition for the record-smashing season that has been produced by his priceless right leg.

To Denise DeBartolo York: Some kind of communication device that makes sure her coach/football head honcho hears it from her first before he reads it in the paper.

To Jeff Garcia: The satisfaction of knowing that his hometown team never should have let him go.

To Tully Banta-Cain: Simply more quarterback sacks, which he'll need to keep his starting job.

To Larry Allen: A limousine ride into retirement, because after everything he has accomplished, there no longer is any reason to stick around.

To Mike Singletary: That NFL head-coaching job he's almost sure to get anyway.

To Nate Clements: League-wide recognition that he now truly is one of the league's elite all-purpose cornerbacks.

To Vernon Davis: More passes coming his way, since that's all it will take now for him to fulfill his all-world potential.

To Brandon Moore: A place again in San Francisco's defensive plan, since he used to have a prominent one when he was the team leader in tackles and sacks just one season ago.

To Ted Tollner: An invitation to stick around in an expanded role on the coaching staff.

To Manny Lawson: A full recovery from the knee injury that wiped out his 2007 season after two games, because this is one guy that was on the verge of a breakout before getting hurt.

To Aaron Salkin: More good-guy recognition and some kind of information award for the team's director of public relations, who has had it coming at him from all angles this year but always delivers straightforward spin and makes sure nobody gets left in the dark.

To 49ers fans everywhere: A new stadium, a winning team … and more patience, a virtue that surely was tested again in 2007.

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