Owens key to victory over Chiefs

In San Francisco, the 49ers (6-2) want to keep riding their victory gravy train (five out their past six games) that has given them a two-game lead in the NFC West when they face the Kansas City Chiefs (4-4), a member of the only division in the league without a losing team, the AFC West.

And although they will not face each other, two of the hottest stars in the league will be on the 3Com Park sod – the Chiefs' Holmes and 49ers wide receiver TERRELL OWENS.

"Holmes," says ESPN analyst and former NFL linebacker TOM JACKSON, "is the most dangerous back in football right now."

With the most carries in the NFL – 190, even with Kansas City coming off a bye – the six-year veteran who entered the NFL as a free agent leads the league in non-kicker scoring with 90 points.  That's 30 points more than his closest pursuers – Faulk and Buffalo's TRAVIS HENRY.

He also tops the NFL in rushing and scrimmage yards.  And he has no inclination to slow things down.

"This is what it takes to get the job done," says Holmes.  "However I feel on Monday, that's just the way it's going to be.  Once you relax and get content and try to pace yourself, that's when you mess up.  You try to conserve your energy, but you don't try to pace yourself.  That can catch up to you in the long run."

And that's precisely the trouble defenders are having these days with Owens, who, week after week is showing that he is one of the most dangerous long-ball threats in the league.

Owens tops the NFC in TD receptions with six and comes off a "monster" game against Oakland, catching 12 passes for 191 yards for his best game of the season.

"We did everything we could to stop Owens," said Raiders head coach BILL CALLAHAN.  "We put CHARLES WOODSON on him one-on-one, we had double-coverage, we had bracket coverage.  We had every conceivable coverage known to man, but he continued to break our secondary down."

Owens is particularly effective in the "YAC" stat -- yards after the catch.  Through the past three seasons, close to half his yards were gained after catching the ball:

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