Randle ready to rumble

"You're not trying to go out there and be some sort of vigilante. We're going out there to win games and play the best football we can because that is our objective."

Q: How are you guys approaching this game against the 49ers?

Randle: They are our next opposing opponent and we need to get another win.

Q: Do you think you guys are coming around to the point where you expected to be at when the season started?

Randle: Yeah, I think we are a little bit. I think we are definitely realizing our potential and we're trying to play up to that.

Q: You were one of the players who made some comments about not necessarily caring about T.O.'s autograph deal in the end zone. Is that a motivating factor for you guys this week?

Randle: No. Our main concern is trying to stop them from getting in the end zone so we can win the game.

Q: Did Coach Holmgren put a gag-order on you guys about discussing this?

 Randle: No, for the guys in the defense, we haven't really looked at that. Our main concern is trying to win a game. We've been focusing on that because we haven't won many games and we're trying to get back on track.

Q: You guys had an impressive offensive game against Kansas City. Do you kind of get the feeling that the offense is coming around and taking some of the pressure off of the defense?

Randle: Yeah, we are a little bit, but we also realize that our offense is coming around and it's about time for us on defense to start doing our part and play together in order to finish the season on a high note.

Q: Are you guys still offended about what Terrell did?

Randle: No. I'm not. I'm more focused on winning this game and getting after Jeff Garcia in order to get our team a victory.

Q: Was that sort of knee jerk reaction after that game?

Randle: That was probably what it was. For each game you play, you have to the following Tuesday to get over it. When Wednesday comes, it is a new opponent. I don't know how many games it has been, but we've played so many other games that we've been focusing on trying to win against opposing teams, that we are not trying to stay focused on one little thing or lose track of what we are trying to do here.

Q: You guys gave up an average of 140 yards rushing in eight games this year. What is going on with the run defense, particularly since you are going up against a 49er team that will probably look to run and control the clock?

Randle: All I can say is that we haven't really been on the same page. We just haven't been on track. We haven't been playing together. Guys haven't been really focusing on what is going on. Actually, we've been concentrating on previous bad plays from weeks before and not concentrating on going out there and creating new plays and stopping the guys from running the ball.

Q: When you look at the new division lineups, does something like the T.O. incident help create new rivalries in the new alignment of the NFL?

Randle: No. No it doesn't. I don't think it creates rivalries. I think our biggest rivalry is Kansas City and against Denver. I think for this team right here, coming from the AFC to the NFC, I think the old rivalries are still there. I think that it will probably be years down the line for our rivalries to develop in the NFC.

Q: There has been a lot of talk regarding your coach's job status and whether Paul Allen will make any changes. Do you guys feel like you are fighting for your coach's job at this point?

Randle: We aren't even concerned about that. We're not even thinking about it. Our job here is to play football and win games. Anything like that, is out of our control and we can't worry about it.

Q: Considering the 49ers have only scored an average of 17 points their last three games, do you guys think you're catching them at a good time, when their offense isn't firing on all cylinders?

Randle: We will have to wait and see. On Sunday, I think that is when we will be able to know. Hopefully, we can go in there and stop them from scoring. We need to keep our offense on the field and come out with a victory.

Q: How disappointing has this been for you in trying to get that ring and having this season sort of get away from you guys early, so that it appears that the playoffs aren't really a factor?

Randle: For me, I've always been part of winning teams and it's been difficult at times. The other way I look at it is that my job is to come out here and play football and help my team win. That is what I've been trying to focus on. I've been glad to be here and be part of this organization. It's definitely an organization on the rise and I've enjoyed my time here and it's been great.

Q: Getting back to the Owens thing. The quotes you guys gave after the game were so inflammatory that we can't ignore them. Specifically, I think you guys said that you want to get a hit on him if you could. Should we expect that if there is a turnover, you guys will be looking to get a clean hit on a guy to represent the Seahawks?

Randle: No, because I think if you go out there and try to do something like that, you would lose focus of what you are trying to do out there, which is win the game. You're not trying to go out there and be some sort of vigilante. We're going out there to win games and play the best football we can because that is our objective.

Q: Do you feel that whenever a team has an agenda against a player on the other team, that it is sort of counter-productive, as far as how the game goes?

Randle: Yeah, I think for our team, if a guy does something like that, it's pretty much part of the game. For us and the position that we are in right now, we're trying to focus on winning games and trying to get the momentum of this team headed in the right direction and try and get some wins.

Q: Wouldn't that be a statement in itself by reversing the scenario in beating these guys? An answer to Owens?

Randle: By winning the game, yes. That would definitely the way to go for us. When teams are getting the best of you, the best way to show them up is trying to win the game and that is what we want to do.



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