He said it: Mike Nolan after loss to Giants

Coach Mike Nolan gives his takes on the game after the 49ers' sloppy 29-17 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday at Giants Stadium in The Meadowlands.

Q: How much did the turnovers hurt you today?
They were a big deal. I thought there was a lot of things we didn't do well. We were penalized a lot today, we turned the ball over, we turned it over in poor field position. I thought the only really bright side out there was the defense continued to fight throughout the game and did a pretty good job against the league's No. 1 offense. But outside of that, we didn't do well. The turnovers have continued in our losses, and they've been very costly.

Q: Did you feel you were effective putting pressure on Eli Manning?
There was, and (the game plan) also was designed to stop the run. I think in order to stop their running game, were trying to disrupt their vision points, and we were trying to disrupt those. I thought that Greg Manusky and the defensive staff did an outstanding job in the game planning. I thought that they got their eyes – from a running back standpoint – off their keys and did a nice job. It's just unfortunate with that effort that we come out with a loss.

Q: What about all the penalties? The Giants had one touchdown drive where 51 of the yards on the drive came on penalites.
I remember the drive very well. We had done a nice job on the downs, and all of a sudden we get penalized and that moves the ball. Those penalties hurt us. Our guys were competing hard, but we came up short.

Q: What seems to be happening with O'Sullivan having so many problems protecting the football?
I think he's trying to make something out of nothing. He's trying to create plays, no question, but that's not an excuse for not securing the ball. When you get out of the pocket, you secure the ball. So, that was disappointing that the ball came out. But, again, there's nothing that makes that OK.

Q: Did the protection and pressure from the Giants contribute to him having trouble holding onto the ball?
It was not a good day for protection. I was very disappointed, especially when they were rushing four guys. Any time you rush four, you ought to be able to block them. And they got pressure.

Q: What happened with your safeties getting injured?
I don't know where we stand for sure on that right now. I saw that several of them were listed as questionable for next week. So it's going to be vital, playing Seattle with the passing attack that they have, it will be important that we have our secondary healthy. But we got banged up pretty good.

Q: Did you feel the defense played just about as well as it could under the circumstances today?
Well, they did. It was a very good offense, a very good running offense, that we were playing today. With as many opportunities as they had to run the ball today, I thought our defense hung in there and continued to the very end to try and screw up the run. I don't know what the final stats were for them, but they had a lot of opportunities, and they had a lot of opportunities in very good field position, which is a much more confident play call when you're an offensive play-caller. So to say we slowed them down a little bit when they were in good field position, that's a credit to the D.

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