'He gives us a double scoop of intensity'

What several 49ers players are saying about new head coach Mike Singletary, and what his well-known former coach is saying about him.

"He's a great speaker. If you put him in front of someone who doesn't like football, after five minutes they'll have their helmet on and be ready to play." --Linebacker Takeo Spikes

"He gives us a double scoop of intensity," --Offensive tackle Jonas Jennings

"He can talk to you about tying your shoes and you'll get excited about it. Some people, when they're trying to speak, it feels rehearsed. But when he speaks, it comes from the heart. I wouldn't call it rah-rah. It's not, ‘Let's go out and win one for the Gipper.' He says, ‘To be successful, this is what it looks like.' He gives you something to visualize. He's probably had as much influence in my life as in football. His message is something everybody can use." --Linebacker Jeff Ulbrich

"He's going to be a great coach. I like him, I respect him and I'm happy he got the job to be the head coach since they let go of Nolan. He's seen me grow over the years and I feel he'll do a great job. He's a great motivator. Everything he says comes from his heart. Speaking from his heart, it makes you really want to go out there and play and do whatever it takes to win. He's one of the best to play the game at his position, he won a Super Bowl, he was on a great team, he knows what it takes to get to the next level." --Running back Frank Gore

"He'll be a good coach because he's an outstanding person. He'll get the most of his players because he'll give them focus, he'll give them direction and he'll give them discipline – maybe the kinds of things they need. Now, are they going to win the Super Bowl? I can tell you that. You have to have the horses to run the race. He was unbelievable (player) for us. He was a coach on the field. He led by example. He was always a quiet one. But you knew when he meant business, whether it was in the film room or on the field. He was always big on preparation. And preparation was a big part of winning. I was never a coordinator before I got the job either. Who cares? The job is not about Xs and Os anyway. It's about people. Mike is going to put people in the best position to succeed." -- Former Chicago coach Mike Ditka, who coached Singletary when he played linebacker for the Bears

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