He said it: Mike Singletary after Cards loss

Niners coach Mike Singletary gives his takes on the game late Monday evening, including his team's strange game-ending sequence on offense, after San Francisco's thrilling but ultimately disappointing 29-24 loss to the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona.

Q: Is that the kind of loss that just kind of tears your guts out at the end?
That's an understatement. It's very difficult to put into words everything I feel. It's just one of those games that whichever team loses they're gonna feel bad about it. Our guys played hard, but no cigar. We're that team that got ourselves up and ready to go. We are that team with a vision that did not get earned. We played together; we played to win. In the end, we did not finish. We've got to grow up, The guys are playing real hard, but it's just not good enough. So we just have to go back to the drawing board and continue to go forward.

Q: What happened with the last sequence in the final minute after you got the first down at the 1-yard line with about 40 seconds to play?
Well, you know what? There was so many things going on at that particular time. I was trying to get more information from the referees as to what happened. The personnel on the field, we were trying to get the right personnel. And, at the same time, Shaun (Hill) was trying to get the call, trying to get the guys lined up. It was kind of a sloppy situation.

Q: Isn't the logical play right there just to have your quarterback spike the ball to stop the clock without so much time running off before it finally happened?
One of the referees said if he had taken the snap, several guys were not lined up and it would have been a penalty. So that's why it didn't take place. It was ridiculous, but it happened.

Q: And what about the call on the final play of the game? Any second-guessing about that one?
I really don't know. I think coach (Mike) Martz felt there would be cavity inside. He made that call. We have to live with the results.

Q: How did you feel about the way young receivers Josh Morgan and Jason Hill stepped up? Can we expect to see more from those two young guys as the season goes along?
Jason Hill, especially, sticks out in my mind. He really made a lot of nice plays. I was very happy to see him step into his own. And Josh made a couple of nice plays. Both of those guys, that's what they've been doing in practice.

Q: Your defense stepped up on occasion and kept the game from getting away from you, getting the ball back to give you a chance at the end. How did you feel that unit played overall?
Our guys, they played hard. It was just one of those situations where we came up short. Anytime you're in a game like that against an offense like that, you want to make more plays. You want to try and get the ball. But our defense did step up for the most part. But we still have to do a lot better than we did.

Q: You emphasized during the bye week coming out more physical and playing more physical, and you did. But you also emphasized no turnovers, so how much did the three you make hurt tonight?
The physicality, that part of it, I expected. I was very excited about that. Unfortunately, the turnovers, we have to continue to eliminate those. If we do that, you're looking at a different football game.

Q: He made some critical turnovers, but he also led you one yard away from a victory. How did you feel overall about the way quarterback Shaun Hill played?
He did a good job of managing the game. That's who Shaun Hill is. He's a blue-collar guy. He's got a good enough arm to do the things that he needs to do, and at the same time he's gritty and gutsy and he'll get those things for you.

Q: Your last five offensive drives went lost fumble, punt, interception, interception, stopped at 1 as time expired. What do you think happened there offensively in that game-ending sequence?
It could be a number of things. Maybe guys got tired. I don't know. Maybe they lost concentration, maybe they lost focus. There's a number of things. The bottom line is we just have to go back and whatever it is, we've got to correct it going forward. Because we're going to be in some tight games, and we've got to come out winning these games and not on the other side of it.

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