Hill: 'I take full responsibility'

Niners quarterback Shaun Hill gives his takes on the game after the 49ers' 29-24 loss to Arizona and talks about his three second-half turnovers and San Francisco's last-gasp rally in the final minute falling a yard short.

Q: You did a lot of things to help the team tonight, but how crucial were the turnovers you made in the second half?
That was the difference in the game, the turnovers in the second half. Those are on me.

Q: You guys moved the ball really well through the first three quarters, then your last five possessions went lost fumble, punt, interception, interception, stopped at 1-yard line on final play of game. What happened? What did they do to make it so difficult for you on those last five drives?
Nothing really. It was just our lack of execution and myself being careless with the football. There's no excuse for turnovers, and I take full responsibility for all three of those.

Q: What happened after you got the first-and-goal at the 1 with 40 seconds still remaining and so much time was allowed to run off the clock?
I don't know. We were kind of stuck somewhere between substituting and just spiking it. Obviously, we ended up getting the spike there, but we would have liked to have made it sooner.

Q: Were they telling you to wait for the change of personnel? Is that what happened?
No, I looked over and saw that those other guys were coming on. I was getting ‘Spike' through the headset. So, but I saw that we would have had too many men on the field or something. So I just had to wait until we got lined up legally.

Q: Looking at bright spots, how terrific was Jason Hill for you, particularly in the second half?
Jason did some great things out there, and we're really looking for him to step up here and make some plays for us.

Q: What about your two touchdowns throws to rookie Josh Morgan and tight end Vernon Davis?
Josh, on his, it was press man coverage and he did a good job of shedding the guy. The corner was holding him too, and he still made the play and scored. The one to Vernon – now I don't know, I didn't actually see it happen – but I believe he had to have made a great play on the ball in order to get that one. It was funny, because we had so many Niners fans there, they got so loud after that, I couldn't tell if it was interception or a touchdown. I couldn't see the play, I just heard the fans. So, obviously, we were represented well here tonight.

Q: Overall, how did it feel for you getting back out there tonight as a starter?
Well, I'm very disappointed in the outcome, and obviously that's a direct reflection of my turnovers in the second half. So that kind of negates all the good feelings about being able to go out there and play again. So, I'm just disappointed.

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