They said it: 49ers after victory vs. Rams

What the 49ers were saying late Sunday afternoon after their 35-16 blowout of the St. Louis Rams, with comments from coach Mike Singletary, quarterback Shaun Hill, running back Frank Gore, cornerback Walt Harris, linebacker Takeo Spikes and wide receivers Bryant Johnson and Isaac Bruce.


On if that's the kind of effort he was looking for in the first half:
The first half: I thought we did a decent job in the first half. We talked about coming out and starting fast, executing, doing the things we need to do in order to win the game. So we were very excited about what happened in the first half. We came in at halftime and we talked about going out and finishing what we started in that first half.

On what finishing means: Finishing meant that at some point in time the offensive line, when we're backed up, that we could put it in their hands and they drive it out. Finishing means that we don't jump offside two, three, four times in a row. Finishing means that we don't walk off the field. We jog off the field. Finishing means that however we started the game, we need to end the game stronger than we started. That's finishing.

On if he was displeased because of the things the 49ers didn't do: No, I wouldn't use the word displeased. I told the guys before one of the things I didn't do when I played was focus on what we didn't do well. So I wanted to make sure that I told them that I was very, very proud of the fact that they played hard and we won the game. But here's some things we need to work on going forward if we're going to be a great team. So, no, I was not displeased. I just pointed those things out that we have to correct.

On his evaluation of Shaun Hill's performance: I thought the first half was outstanding. Once again, I thought he did a great job. For the most part in the second half I thought he did a pretty decent job. And then some things started to break down a bit, not all his fault. But we just have to continue to work on it: offensive line, running back, everybody. And we'll do that.

On the play of the defense: It was really important going into the game that we really handled their vertical game well. Of course they got some runs early which shocked me a bit. I talked to Greg [Manusky] about it and we weren't getting moved quick enough. We would slant one way and they'd adjust and we would not. And guys were getting caught in the slide and getting cut off, and it caused us to get gashed so that made sense, and we corrected that going into the second half. But there were a lot of good things that happened in this game. A lot of positives to come out with and continue to work on, work forward with.

On what was done to prepare so well coming off a tough Monday night game: I wish I could take the credit for that. We just have really good coaches and some really good players. We really do. We talked about mental toughness throughout the week and being able to put a devastating loss behind you and not look in the rearview mirror and have a wreck this Sunday. So that was the biggest thing that we focused on and they really pushed hard, pushed through it and it came out today and I thought they did a good job being focused for the most part.

On if this is more what a Mike Singletary's team looks like: I would just say this: I think that's what we did when we came out and we started fast, we were executing, we were doing the little things that we needed to do, we were getting turnovers, we were making sure that we protected the ball. All of those things are things that the 49ers…that's what we want to do going forward. The thing that I talked about a lot this week was this not being Mike Singletary's team. This is our team. And if we don't understand that then Mike Singletary's going to come up really short.

On how it feels after his first win as a NFL head coach: I'm very humbled by it. My mom and my dad passed away in the last four years. Dad last year. Mom about four years ago. And I just thought about them and if they could see that. But I'm very thankful and very proud of that, more so for the guys than for myself because they deserve it. They've been working their tails off. I'm telling you they've been working their tails off and doing a lot of things right. I'm really excited about them. But going forward it has to be all of us. It has to be the coordinators. It has to be the position coaches. It has to be the quarterback. It has to be the defensive line. It has to be every one of us in order to get out of this thing what we want to get out of it.


On what Shaun Hill brings to the offense:
Shaun is just a football player. When we're practicing, he might have a tough week, but when he's in the game, he's a gamer. He's tough and he studies. One thing I'm happy about is when he didn't get the starting job coming out of the blocks he stayed poised and kept studying like he was the starter.

On getting himself righted after his fumble in the first quarter: The defensive back made a great play. He just found the football and popped it right out of my arm. But, I'm happy. My O-line played a great game. They did a great job today. They kept working and they played hard. We got the win, and I'm happy about that.

On what this team can do with six games left to play: We're going to try to do great things. We have to take it one game at a time. We've got Dallas this week and then we'll look forward. We'll take tomorrow to learn from this game and then we'll start with Dallas. We'll try to do great things and get better.


On the motivating factor for the defense playing so well:
I think that we jelled for the most part. It was definitely a collective effort with everybody, with guys up front and on the back end. We handled our job and our responsibility for the most part. We really did take care of our job. Obviously they picked up some chunk yardage here and there but those things happen with this type of game and where it was by halftime.

On what the Rams were presenting offensively for the Niners to get an edge on them: I don't know if it was anything that we were seeing. I think we just really came out with the mindset that we were going to come in and attack and just play confident ball. Coach Singletary has been talking all week about starting fast and finishing and we definitely did that.

On focusing now on Dallas: We just have to build on what we started from last week. Obviously we didn't get that win with Arizona but that's what we're building on, and we want to come in and just keep building on the momentum that we have and everybody playing as one, playing as a team. Hopefully that definitely carries over to another win for us.

On the second-half breakdowns on defense: It's definitely something that we've got to improve on. Obviously we've got to get used to success. We haven't had much of that so there are things that we definitely have to go back and look at. We definitely have to be a poised team, a very disciplined team and those are some things that we're still trying to hammer out right now, but we definitely have not got a grip on it just yet.


On the offensive output being a surprise:
No, it's not really a surprise. The one thing Coach Singletary talks about is ‘don't blink.' You can't be surprised about something like that. It was the power of the offense and the defense did a heck of a job out there and gave us a lot of opportunities. They gave us great field position and we were able to capitalize with offensive touchdowns.

On his reaction to his perfect passer rating in the first half: I didn't realize that I had a perfect passer rating in the first half. The funny thing about that rating is it might say that somebody is perfect, but I promise you there were some mistakes in there about myself. So, I wasn't perfect. We have to enjoy this win. It's been a long time since we've had this feeling. But we cannot approach tomorrow any differently than if we had lost. We still have to learn from this game. There were mistakes out there today, myself included.

On completing several consecutive passes like he did in the first half: For me, it's the same feeling as if Frank [Gore] is rattling off yard after yard. When the offense is moving like that, it's a great feeling. It doesn't feel any different for me if they're coming from completions or run plays.

On having several offensive weapons to work with: We have so many weapons on offense. Just being able to utilize every one of them is key. Everyone stepped up and made a big play when they needed to. They played an exceptional game.

On if the game plan was to go downfield more than Monday's game at Arizona: We always have quite a few plays designed to go downfield. When you're playing quarterback, you kind of take what the defense is giving you. And they were giving us some of those. We were trying to take advantage of that for sure.

On whether this win helps chase away the feeling of the ending of last Monday night's game: It's a tough deal on a couple of levels. One, it happened and we wanted the win. Two, it was a short week. You don't get those two days really to get over anything. So that was tough. We answered the bell and we came to work on Wednesday. And we were able to move on. We approached Wednesday as Wednesday and we left the whole game behind us. That says a lot about the character of our team.


On his performance:
I feel great. I finally started to feel healthy out there and it's showing in my play.

On what St. Louis was doing defensively to allow the 49ers passing game to click: We expected them to come in here and play press-man on us and they did. As Mike Martz always tells us as receivers, if you have one-on-one match-ups we have [the match-up] 100 percent of the time.

On coming away with an impressive win: It feels good. Like I said, I've been fighting injuries most of the season and I'm finally starting to feel close to 100 percent.

On next week's game against Dallas: We're just looking to improve upon what we established today in the first half. I say that because we didn't play so well in the second half. [We have to] just look at the film and see why we weren't able to play like we did in the first half and correct those mistakes that we made and to just come out with the same intensity that we did today.


On all three phases being at the top of their game:
It was a total team win, with special teams, offense and defense. When something good happened on one side of the ball, it was a direct reflection of something else. Everybody played well off of each other. But, we didn't finish the way that we wanted to. I think that was obvious. But, we'll take it for what it's worth. We know what we have to work on. We have a big game next week against Dallas.

On if this is the type of performance he's been expecting all season from the defense: Yes, it is. I think once we made some adjustments going into the bye week, we were able to self-scout ourselves to see what needed to be done. It's paying off already.

On what this team can do the remainder of the season: It is what it is. We'll enjoy the win today, and we'll have to come back and get to work for Dallas next week.


On his spirits after this game, especially after a win:
They are up as always, I'm happy to get the win.

On how well the offense jelled today: We played a good first quarter. We ran the ball well and a lot of players got into that which is always good. It was a good thing.

On facing his former team for the first time: It was interesting. I was happy to see the guys and I miss them. It was good seeing them and I plan on seeing them again in St. Louis.

On getting ready for Dallas next week: It is going to be a big game. We've got to do what we did here on the road and I believe that we'll come out with the same results.

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