Singletary, Martz on same page with offense

The appearance of the 49ers' offense is different since Mike Singletary took over as interim head coach. But offensive coordinator Mike Martz said nothing has changed.

"I think we're on the same page with everything," Martz said. "It's really easy for me. He's treated me outstanding and we see things the same."

The 49ers have appeared to take more of a run-oriented, physical approach since Singletary's promotion. Right guard David Baas, a mauler, became a starter, and another physical player, rookie Chilo Rachal, appears ready to take over at right guard on a full-time basis.

That could happen as soon as Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys, even though the team has generally been satisfied with the way Tony Wragge is playing as the starting right guard.

The offense has showcased a steady diet of running back Frank Gore to go along with Shaun Hill's efficiency in the short-passing game, and San Francisco has featured an effective attack since emerging from its early November bye week. The 49ers have scored 59 points in their last two games.

"We don't approach it any differently," Martz said. "Mike made it very clear when he got the job that he really likes what we do offensively. We were both really concerned with the turnovers at the quarterback position, and that makes you want to hand the ball off a lot."

Since Singletary took over as interim coach near the end of October, he has spent a lot of time with getting to know Martz and kicking around philosophies.

Martz has a well-deserved reputation as someone who likes to mash the accelerator to the floorboard. But when the 49ers held a 32-point lead at halftime Sunday against the St. Louis Rams, Singletary knew it was time to ease off a little in the second half. He said Martz did a "heck of a job controlling himself."

In several glimpses of the 49ers sideline captured by TV cameras it has appeared that Singletary and Martz have experienced some ... shall we say ... creative friction. But Singletary disputes that interpretation.

"I got to be very, very honest," Singletary said. "When I look at Mike Martz, I'm very pleased with everything he's doing. There's nothing that's an issue for he and I. We don't ever have an issue where I disagree with him. We don't have that.

"Normally, we're on the same page. There hasn't even been a creative friction. Right now, it has just worked."

Hill has helped make it work by picking up the intricacies of Martz's offense quickly after getting promoted to the starting job when J.T. O'Sullivan experienced problems with 17 turnovers in 7½ games.

Hill does not always look good in practice, but he has performed well in games. Hill was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance last week against the St. Louis Rams.

"Shaun Hill also has Mike Martz on his tail constantly - everywhere he looks, everywhere he moves," Singletary said. "Mike Martz is demanding, very demanding of him, which is a great thing. I think sometimes Shaun Hill is just really, really excited for game day, so that he can play with a little distance (from Martz)."

Martz does not disagree with Singletary's assessment. He said he tries to place as much pressure on his quarterback during the week, so that he can handle himself on game days.

"You've really got to get them in a game environment," Martz said. "You're cheating them if you don't. You have to put the pressure on them to make impeccable decisions and to get the ball out quick. You have to work hard to try to create that environment. That's only fair to him and the rest of the team, and so he's handled that very well."

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